Plants stalled due to cold

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    Will a plant that has stalled in maturing due to cold, pick back up with when warm temps return?
    The plants in question started to flower in mid January, they seemed to be doing OK but stalled about 5 weeks in. I had hoped with a mild winter that the room they were in would be warmer, but it stayed at about 50f. They look great, and have a nice amount of clear trichomes which is what they normally look like at about 5 weeks, but now are 3 months into flower.

    Will they pick up form where they stalled at, or should I just pull them and start fresh?
  2. Well to answer my own question and for anyone who might want to know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I got up to check on my plants today and I'm happy to say they've picked back up from when they stalled. It's amazing how much they've filled in in the last week. Lots of new growth and the buds are starting to fatten up nicely.

    I do find it a bit weird that none of the resin glands have gone amber during this time, they are all clear, not a cloudy or amber one to be seen.
  3. Is it a sativa heavy strain?
  4. Pics help

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  5. I don't know the strain, but it looks more like an Indica.
  6. I don't have pics from before they stalled as I didn't expect this to happen.

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