Plants small for 2 weeks?

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  1. Hey GC, been doing some research and it seems to me that my plants are growing very slowly, i belive this to be lack of light. However i wanted some expert opinions. currently 5 plants with 1 x 125 watt + 4 x 30 watt CFL's, lights my problem aint it?

    Im kicking out plenty of lumens though for such small shrubs and at their current point of growth they are all entirely covered with light, with the monster cfl hung above them all and the smaller ones strategicly close to all 5. I have 2 more 30 watt 6500's and one 80 watt 2700k, just waiting for some more e27 mounts to come through the post. at this stage of their growth its staggering to consider they would need more light, they have 4-6 leaves, how much light can they be soaking up? however i cant find another explanation :/

    i blame the facking miracle grow tbh - let me know the possible probs for slow growth guys please
  2. What miracle gro (soil?) are you using? Does it have nutrients in it? I'm using the organic stuff, seems ok so far but I'm also noticing that my plants aren't growing as much as I thought they would. Their stem grew very long but that was because of the weak light I had, I've since moved them under a 400watt equiv 100watt cfl grow light and that seems plenty bright (like 8000 lumens). But they don't have much leaf growth. I see the beginnings of their 3rd set of leaves (after the first proper leaves that come after the bean leaves).
  3. whatup

    dont know much about soil man
    i always thought that soil grows faster when i was runing hydro at 400ppm lol!
    i think that thay really should be bigger now
    u can add lights and give em lite nutes watering
    the lights are needed to transform nutes and shit into plant matter
    thats how it works IMO
    be careful with the nutes tho
    u can always save it from lack of nutes
    but have some problems with nute burn
    i just burnt a bit my WW baby

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