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  1. I am thinking about pursing a degree in botany in order to start a seed comp, love breeding and playing with genetics, have experience in the ball python area if anyone knows about that market, anyway i still live in a state where growing cannabis is illegal, but i would like to gain a lot of experience with plant growing, care, and breeding, any plants similar to cannabis that anyone would recommend to start learning, i was think about roses, i know there will be those people who will be like sac up and just have a closet grow, but i wish to be able to have a a ton of male and female plants in order to experiment with genetic breeding, and i cant afford to go to jail because it would only set me behind in my goals to start a seed company when i can move to a legal state, also i believe there are hotspot scans that are regular because i here helicopters fly over the house between two and three times a day and often late at night, any ideas? would love some feedback
  2. nettles, hops, flax.
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    once i started growing pot i realized that i also really liked plants of all types and bought all the seeds to make a salsa garden this year and plan on growing some ornamentals as well. The thought of doing something in horticulture has crossed my mind but it seems kinda far-fetched as a career or anything i can make a living far as a similar plant to ganja, hops is literally related to marijuana. theyre like cousins.

    im into pythons.....have you bred any good morphs?

    and as far as helicopters.....i live in Chicago bro i have helicopters going over my house EVERY day, sometimes low enough to shake the stuff on my shelves.....and its not holding me back. Heat signatures are only a problem in big grows..anything under 1000w you will be fine unless you live in Saudi Arabia or Malaysia or something haha
  4. Literally anything you can grow helps. Learning to watch various plants and adjust for the needs will teach you how to grow just about anything. I've done veggies, but prefer ornamentals and will usually grow ten to twenty different varieties through the summer.
  5. Thanks guys lot of great info, and for the ball pythons nothing to serious jut a few enchis and yellowbellys breeding into super enchis and the high morphs
  6. Plants specifically similar to MJ? None. Some will tell you the tomato plant, which does have some similarities in conditions it favors, but still very different.

    If you want to learn to grow cannabis, why not grow....cannabis?

  7. Double this if wanting to learn how to breed canna.
  8. Well, to actually answer your question, hops as stated before, and tomatoes for all the reasons above and also the nutrient needs and patterns follow the cannabis plant.

    Now, to agree with these guys, if you are going down the breeding path slow down. You will never be able to start right off the bat and handle even close to that many plants, let alone be experienced with straits and qualities to select for the breeding process. Why not start by getting a hold of one bag seed, doing a low risk low yield grow in your closet or basement, keep a journal, and do a little learning first. And bag seeds are almost always a female seed because most of the time it is a herm that causes them rather than a grower keeping a male in the grow room. This means at least you have a good shot of it turning to smoke and sampling it.

  9. I understand that i couldnt have the amount of plants needed to be a quality breeder as of right now, but my intention is to atleast gain a male and female plant so that i can learn the breeding process, because when the time come for me to have the set-up i intend to have then i will have a knowledge bases to drew, explaining a little more i do not tend to breed for any kind of genetic traits or anything to advance right any just fucking do something and see what happens, and to answer the why not grow cannabis i would if i could but to add to all the reasons i have already explained i maybe be going away to college and still unsure of housing and also i still live with my parents because as i said i may be going to school and so all my extra money goes towards saving for that, will prolly grow if i move cause im thinking about moving to a medical state, but i have a prepaid college plan for this state so i need to think out my options in order to make the best choice for my finical future, and a final note i am looking for plants related to cannabis in order to be able to gain a large quantity of them so that i can play with breeding and things and also even see if i would like to work with plants as a career

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