Plants showing signs of arthritis, what does this mean? what do I do?

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  1. They look healthy, but I am noticing the large dark green leaves around the tops near the early flowers are

    - bending, hooking downward (not the tips) but much further up the leaf blade, about half way it hooks downward like a bent finger at the main large knuckle
    - is getting "stiff", the leaves seem very hard, not dry and brittle, but "stiff" is the right word
    - turning a darker green like a slate green not the dark green of the rest of the plant, some of the lowest leaves are turning a lighter green

    I think I can address this now, since it just started yesterday, but I am not sure what is wrong?

    Please help.
  2. A picture of the blade...

  3. Cut back on the nutes. That is one of the signs of N toxicity.

    No need to flush and get all crazy, just plain water for a couple of weeks. It's not that bad, yet.

  4. Thank you. Is it temperature related. The area remains around 70-72 during day, but at night it cools to mid high 60s.

    12 in. from light it varies from 70-72 up to 80 degrees?
  5. Temps sound ok, just feeding too much.

  6. Yeah just N tox like Wet said
  7. Thank you. I am going to buy a different bloom nutrient with lower percent numbers since I don't over use them (as far as I know, I cut back, and don't over water either, I kind of let them dry out a little, then soak them good).

    Also, I always use 3% peroxide. 1 tsp/gallon every watering. I assume this has nothing to do with the issue either.

  8. If you're in soil, you would be assuming wrong about the peroxide. What ever prompted you to use it like that?

    You don't need new nutes, just way less of what you're using.

    What else are you dumping on these plants?

  9. Water, bloom nutrients, 3% peroxide. That's it. I read somewhere on the site that its good for the roots, keeps them oxygenated, helps keep root rot down.

    I don't know if its true, like most things one reads, but as a total beginner, I can easily be misled.
  10. For hydro, yes, H2O2 is good and does all that. Not in soil, it just kills the micro beasties,

    I'd really suggest you re inoculate your soil, since you've probably killed everything in it. Will cost ~$8 total. Go to Fungi Perfecti: the finest mushroom products for home and garden, farm and forest, people and planet (Fungi Perfecti) and snag some MycoGrow Soluble. The $6 package will make ~12 gallons, so you'll have plenty for your next grow. All you need is ~ 1qt of solution/plant, applied once as a soil drench. I use ~1/4 tsp/gallon of unchlorinated water. If you have any blackstrap molasses, that will really kick it into gear 1tbl/gallon of water for the molasses and it can be mixed with the MycoGrow.

    For your nutes, apply them 1/2 as often as you have been, no more than once/week. I couldn't tell if it was water, nute, water or what. If so, do a water, water, nute and no more H2O2.

    Your girls will thank you.

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    Thank you. I am looking into the molasses and fungi. It could be awhile until it arrives, I don't know how fast its processed/shipped, etc.

    When do I add nutrients again if all I do is use distilled water 1x next week, maybe apply the fungi (if it arrives)/molasses next week.

    When do I apply nutes again?

    Is it 10 days after my last watering/nute on 8/9 when I last used nutes/water/peroxide

    Is it 20 days? I know its hard to tell without being here, but any general advice would be appreciated.

    Oh! My history has been:

    I apply nutrients every 10 days, no more, no less and I am very exact at measurements (so far) using them in 1/3 strength for the first 2 doses, then 1/2 strength for the next 2 doses, then full strength for the last 2 doses (Veg). I started to use 1/3 strength for 2 (Bloom) doses separated by 10 days and was planning to move to 1/2 strength for 2 (Bloom) doses starting with the next nutrient application scheduled for 8/19.

    But, then, I saw this arthritic like response a day and 1/2 after 8/9 and started this thread...

    I have had no prior problems (some bugs/problem (unknown) that an insecticide/pesticide killed during mid Veg with 2 spray applications 2 weeks apart.

    So, this is my first (serious) problem I have had. Transplant went well, no shock, etc. from germ to veg and veg to bloom.

    I appreciate any help.
  12. I'd skip the 8/19 dose and do the 1/2 strength on 8/29. Well before then the other will arrive. Apply it and it will be kicking well by the 8/29 dose. Takes less than a week from order to arrive.

    Skipping one dose will give the girls a chance to catch their breath and then resume your 10 day schedule.

  13. Thank you. That's what I was going to do unless I heard otherwise or sensed something was going very wrong. By the way, I believe your diagnosis is correct because I am seeing general improvement, small but positive in the right direction.

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