Plants shooting upwards andleaves curling upwards... like crazy!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LoveDragon, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Hey Guys,

    New grower here. Over the last few days I have noticed my plans crazy pointing upwards and leaves also curling upwards. What is up with that?
    They are bagseeds - I think they are sativas. I got them in Cambodia, 2 different bags though (mixed up), one of the bags the dealer told me was skunk from Laos. The other i guess sativas from Cambodia.
    I am using what I can find here - there is no indoor growing culture and barely any gardening done here in Hong Kong as there is no space! The grow medium from what I can tell is a mix of soil, coco ad perlite. Am using
    3 x 65W CFL (2 x 6500k, 1 x 2700k)
    2 x 24W CFL (2 x 6500K)
    They got a bit stretched in seedling stage as I didnt sort out my grow box in time, but seem to be growing fine right now, just concerned about the pointing and curling.
    Any comments/advise much appreciated!

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  2. Ok thanks, can you enlighten me what that means exactly. Is it a problem I should worry about and if so how to fix it?
  3. The plants cells that keep them standing up. I find it happens most when my plants are really dry and i introduce to much fluid at a fast rate it causes the plants cells swell and it makes them do that pointing straight up thing. Just keep your medium moist more consistent and it should be fine. What kind of lighting

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  4. Cool thanks. I'm using CFLs

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