Plants severe drooping flowering week 2/3 HELP (with pictures)

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  1. -Outdoor guerilla grow
    -Growing in 5 gallon pots (filled with only 4 gallons of soil)
    -Strain: presumably LSD (indica70%/sativa30%) but seeds were not bought from Barneys Farm
    -stage of growth: Between week 2 and 3 of flowering (a lot of pistils showing on top of each branch)
    -Problem: 2 out of 6 plants have leaves drooping, a few fan leaves were yellow a week before this happened but this problem was mostly due to nitrogen defficiency because when I applied fertilisers the problem almost dissapeared;
    -Soil specs: here is a little tricky, I used 3 types of soil combined together with ph around 6-7; drainage and consistency is also good;

    So the problem is mostly due to overwatering but the soil was dry(see the picture); I dug two inches in the soil and it was as dry as on top; my plants never showed such water-related problems before even though I was watering them more often than I do now; last time I checked them was exactly 5 days ago; a day ago the temperature dropped a little to around 60-65F during the last part of the day but again when they were seedling there were 3-4 days in a row with low temperatures and absolutely no problem appeared;
    so to recap:
    -watering once or at most twice per week with like a half a gallon of water for all 6 pots or one/two inches of rain;
    -soil is partially if not even almost completely dry;
    -some of fan leaves yellowing (problem appeared before the drooping leaves and at ALL plants not just 2 of them and it was mostly corrected);
    -leaves are curled down along with their individual stem and not just the tip of the leaves/anything else;
    -no pest problem since early veg;also no mold;
    -also I checked the tip of the roots that were growing through pot dainage holes and they were white and healthy(no apparent sign of root rot);
    -using blooming fertiliser (5-6-8) combined with veg fertiliser (9-3-6); no apparent sign of nutrient burn and neither nutrient defficiency except for nitrogen;
    -I do not know the exact ph but again, it is between 6 and 7 according to soil manufacturer;
    -humidity levels is most probably high because the grow is near a river;

    What should I do I need help ASAP tomorrow it will rain but two days from now I will check them again to see what happened; P.S: some of you might have seen that I started a few months ago a grow journal with another strain but due to pests I lost them and I planted again this LSD strain at the end of may---- if I succeed to finish this grow I will post another complete journal with pictures)

    And last question if it's not to vague- how much oz can I yield from these plants? (I posed pictures with ALL my plants not just the drooping ones)
    20170822_094116_HDR.jpg 20170822_094443_HDR.jpg 20170822_094450_HDR.jpg 20170822_094500_HDR.jpg 20170822_094507_HDR.jpg 20170822_094515_HDR.jpg 20170822_095221_HDR.jpg 20170822_095249_HDR.jpg 20170822_095939_HDR.jpg 20170822_094455_HDR.jpg
  2. Are they not by any chance becoming root bound? See if you can get someone to help you tip the whole plant upside down and just try remove it from the pot and have a look at the roots. Root bound plants show all sorts of funny symptoms
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  3. when I was digging to see the soil mosture I observed most of the soil was kept very compact by many many tiny roots and a part of them even started to get out of the container through drainage holes but again the healthy plants have at most the same amount of soil, most probably even less and they are the same size ( around 3ft +/-0.5). I could use the dirt from the other 4 unused pots but i'll be damn hard to do this. I'm curious if this problem will affect my plant or more precisely the yield with more than lets say 10-15%.
  4. Your soil is too dense and you should lift the container and check for weight to see if they need water. Never water till bucket feels dead dry. The digging down in the soil doesn't work when using 5 gal buckets. Any weight is water in soil still. Your plants need fresh soil at right mix with containers filled all the way up, and better location for light. Putting your plants where they are shaded by other plants lessens growth. Light is the most important element when growing plants. More light gets you better growth. You also would have benefitted from topping your plants. Light grows plants. Nutes feed plants. You need to read up on the basics of growing and tending MJ plants. They normally droop when too wet or too or the other. One other thing...soil pH shpuld be 7.0 to be neutral. You would be better off buying prepared grow soul or using soil recipe if you opt to mix your own. The mix is super important to keeping them healthy.
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  5. Your plants are root bound. You're growing plants in ~3.5 gallons of soil OUTDOORS. Of course you're going to have problems, especially when one considers how long plants veg' for outdoors (given that you got them out as soon as/as close to weather conditions permitted).

    Top those pots off with fresh soil and hope for the best. If you don't get more soil into those pots, it's really going to affect your yield, if you're lucky enough to have any at all. Roots need oxygen in order to assimilate nutrients effectively. Root bound plants do not receive the proper amounts of oxygen necessary for this to happen.

    I would suggest much larger pots in the future, at least 20 gallons...
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  6. the location has around 8 hours of direct light per day but anyways I can't move them from there or else i'll get caught. the soil was also prepared but it's universal gerden soil not MJ soil but again in veg everything was ok. I heard cannabis gets "a little picky" with the grow conditions when flowering, but hell, those are some damn pretentious plants right now. I'll move them in bigger pots, and then just wait I can't do much else right now.
  7. Thanks for suggestion, I have 4 unused pots with at least 4 gallons each, I'll cut the bottom of the current pots and put them on top of the others. The reason I didn't pay too much attention to soil quantity was because I sincerely thought some plants grown from the very end of may wouldn't get very big (they are around 3 ft right now- the most affected one I think almost 4ft). I will post updates
  8. IMO, this is the best thing that you can do in your present situation.

    A few seasons ago, I had a buddy plant some clones from me in his green house, right around the end of June (we live in the Colorado mountains). They wound up being ten footers, even after trellis training (LST). Never underestimate the power of the sun... ;)

    Good luck man. Hope you get to harvest plentiful tasty nugs!
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  9. So I got back from them and the first thing I need to say is that the plants fixed themselves lol.although yesterday was a cold rainy day, most leaves are just slightly bent down, recovering from the droopy state. Maybe it was also because of underwatering that's the only explanation I could give myself. Anyways, I tried to cut through those pots but it was hard as steel so I just topped every pot with all the soil I had (around 12-14 gallons). Also I used a sollution of mixed nutrients like before but I added oxygenated water (3%) bought from pharmacy to oxigenate the roots. The forecast announced good sunny or at least partially sunny for more than 10 days from now and temperatures around 70 to 80 F during the day. Also the plants begun to smell meters away and even the fan leaves give off a strong lemon smell. I hope for around 8 oz total (1 to 1.5 oz per plant) of unmanicured dry bud
  10. oh and here are the pictures of two of them 20170824_095414_HDR.jpg 20170824_095403_HDR.jpg

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