Plants really really ill right now

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  1. obscura1681500972354.jpg obscura1681500967217.jpg obscura1681500961566.jpg obscura1681501118668.jpg obscura1681501106422.jpg obscura1681501101732.jpg obscura1681500990867.jpg obscura1681500986595.jpg obscura1681500979851.jpg OK, so just a week ago my plants were so so beautiful, green & lush, now they have entered a state of decay

    Using bio bizz all mix soil and their entire nute range, I fed top-max at recommended dosage and then they both got really ill with what looks like calcium deficiency on one plant and maggy and N deficiency on the other

    Basically the top-max is supposed to increase the calcium intake but it has led to a war with my plants

    Ph 6.2 - 6

    Here are photos before they became ill and how they look now
  2. Standard Nute Burn: in early flower too is an issue so pot up could work but a flush is a better idea,
    pour 3 times the pot volume thru the pot with air temp water

    do it end of day so they recover over night to continue in the morning

    no more nutes

    it may take over a week to show any results chill

    good luck

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