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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by hoko, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. WEll now i am wondering i had 2 plants that werre a foot and a half tall now and would it have been possible for them to have been eaten cause there was a straight cut right through the stalk of the bottem of the plant my guess is tho someone stumbled apon them and diced them apart : ( i tried to find the plants but they were no were to been found sighs fucking little bastard fucks took my plants i think
  2. you got jacked bro
  3. how old were they?.........and where were they? in a field/garden etc..........were they flowering, if not the most they'll get off them is clones, and that's if they know what they're doing..........

    other than that, if it was a deer or aminal, i'd thinkl there would be branches left around, hard to eat them depending on thickness, and the animal..............Peace out............Sid
  4. the plants were about a ft tall now and still in veg and it was a nice clean cut right through the plant.... they plants were in the back of a field way way away from my house i go running thro the field jogging once or twice a week and i never watered them once cause the plot was such a good location lots of grass and weeds growing and they were hidden a coyote den use to be about in teh same location so i thought that would be good in keeping deer away and other animals and i didnt see n e animals down there either..... i run by this one dudes house tho and run up a hill and i took the potting soil bags and through them like close to his house but in an area that i dont think he would go so i think the wind picked up and a bag went into his yard and he followed me one day thats the best idea i can think of cause no one would ever go back there but ya nice clean cut right through the bottem of the plants nothing that will regrow and i think he wasnt planning on taking cuttings just to make sure i wasnt growing

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