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  1. I currently have a 120x60x150 tent and a 450w led light
    How many plants could I fit comfortably? I have 2 blueberry autos ready to go in but I’d like to chuck a gorilla glue auto in also but don’t know if I have enough light to plant ratio?
    I also have a 300w light I can chuck in if I have to
  2. 12 ft x 5 ft?
  3. Not sure what it ends up being in ft but it’s 150mm tall by 120mm long and 60mm wide
    Seems long enough for 3 plants but not sure on the amount of light
  4. @df47 Nvm I got ya, another question. Can you share some details about your lights. So 400w on the high side, 320 on the low end. But that’s actual watts, so if your light is a “burple” then it’s said about 50w per sq ft, quantum boards are said to suffice @ 35-40w per sq ft. Call it 40.
  5. The light is a vipaspectra 450w
    My other one is a 300w vipar aswell

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  6. U could throw 1000 watts in that box if u can keep it cool. Honestly I’d just do one plant with a two month veg and fill the space then flip. Veg with small one then add big one.
  7. Blurples are 48 watts per square foot
    Samsung QB's are 28 watts per aquare foot .
    On average Blurples are normally 1/3 the advertised wattage .
    450 watt Blurple = about 150 w to 175 watts = 3.5 square feet .
    Use the other light when the plant starts getting bigger .
  8. All about style on # of plants and watts per plant. But on watts per square foot shoot for 35-40w/sqft LED
  9. 120cm*60cm*150cm??

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