plants per waterfarm

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  1. reposting this in gen indoor in hopes of getting some insight...thanks

    have 3 waterfarms with 6" airstones, technafloras recipe for success nutrients 600 hps in 4X4 ft area. I am getting three durban poisons and three diesel. I was thinking of one durban in 1 bucket 2 durban in the other and three diesel in the third bucket. do you think it would be too much? I am only looking to veg two weeks or so. and i dont think mixing the strains is a good idea (diesel takes a little longer and i'm guessing more sensitive to ferts???)

    i guess i want to know what the most productive set up will be
  2. anyone? kinda gotta make up my mind soon
  3. I personally only do one plant per WF.

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