plants not showing sex at 9 weeks?

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  1. hey everyone, i'm kind of in a panic right now because i realized i didn't do as much reading as i should have before i started growing. i have two plants that are both about 9 weeks old and i thought they were both female because i thought i saw pistils but i just realized those were stipules after reading something on here. I went to go check more closely to see if i saw anything else and i really don't. there's stipules everywhere though. the plants are growing pretty slowly size wise but i don't know if that effects their sexual maturity. i tried to take pictures but they're pretty shitty, can anyone give me some guidance?

    the one pictured is about 11"

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  2. 9 weeks into veg I take it?

    Perfectly normal not to show sex yet.
  3. Sex will definitely show when you switch to 12/12 light schedule.

    Some strains, after long veg periods will show signs of sex as they have become mature and would like to flower, if you give them the chance to.

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