plants not flowering/producing bud

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by pooky, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Hi there. I grew some early girl in an outdoors greenhouse and one plant has produced some nice bud. the others i identified as female but simply didn't flower and i was wondering why that might be . the plant leaves are healthy looking, dark green in colour, and i was thinking everything seems to be going into the leaves. Any idea what the problem might be? Anyhow, I am happy enough given it was my first attempt and one plant has produced good bud.
  2. No pix? Are you sure its a female? Is it flowering at all?
  3. i could take some pics and post but yes , I noticed those pistils i believe, the little hairs, but that was it , strange, what do you the think. The other is great, ots of bud
  4. You are of course....changing your light cycle...correct?

  5. This is outside, light cycle changes with the seasons...
  6. these plants were grown outside in a green house- no artificial lighting. they produced lots of leaves but just didn't bud apart from one of them. I am wondering if perhaps early girl seeds are not the highest quality and with the ones that didn't bud I was replanting them a couuple of times into larger pots- maybe this stressed them? I find it curious and can't seenm to get any explanations as to why this may have happened from my research on the net.
  7. there a street light near by ?

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