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Plants not doing so well

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Bridger, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Hello everyone to start off this is my first grow im using a 400w hps in a 3x5x7 room outside in the garage and its about 20f to 40f degres with the outside humidity anywere from 55% to 80% all get back to that, my room has to fans running one 24h and the other 12h i have a 4 inch inline fan venting out the ceiling and a 4 inch hole on the bottom wall venting in and it runs 24h, and for nutes i use dyanbloom and liquid karma every other watering ive been useing distilled water from day 1 besides 5 days ago when i watered with hard well water .
    I am growing 3 strains White Widow, Somango and Grape Ripper they are 5 1/2 weeks in flower and for weeks 1 of my GR's has been looking terrible the leaves browning drying up and falling off and just today my other GR and WW are starting to get alot of yellow leaves so im lost what to do with that but back to the humidity ive been concerned with it being so high but today outside was 57% and my room was 30% so i wonder if it will be ok when its 80% outside i hope anyway thanks for any advice

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  2. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. what are the room temps?
    the browned leaves look like classic nute burn.
    The humidity isn't a problem - except that it leads to mold issues.
    If you don't have a de-humidifer than you get a product like serenade and spray it on to prevent serious mold problems, it can be sprayed safely any time in flower.
    5 1/2 weeks in to flower means you have 3 1/2 to go. It is a little early to see extensive leaf die back but maybe there is some cold stress on the plants which could cause that.
    400 watts in 15 square feet is a litte under lit. AN average of 50 watts per foot is a good rule of thumb, so you would need 750 watts. Maybe add a little more light and see what happens.
    Good luck
  4. Thanks for your help the temp stays between 68-75 i just looked at them today and almost every leaf is yellow on my White Widow and the bottom leafs on the Grape Ripper are yellow and drooping. Anyway i hope your wrong about nute burn cause i just watter them 2 days ago with full strenght nutes lol heres some pics thanks again

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