Plants no longer growing, 400w CFL, watered every three days when soil is dry whats wrong with them?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Timsyt123, Apr 12, 2016.


What could be stopping their growth?

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  1. wat dimensions is your grow area? btw 400w seems excessive is that true wattage or equivalent? And that soil seems weird if those are old roots you dug up it wont be good for your plant as rotting (composting) plant material uses up nitrogen your plant will need...

    It dont look dead though long as the middle part is green it should bounce back... Its not an ideal start but thats how you learn we've all been there lol and even when you have experiance errors arent out of the possible...


    I forgot to water these before going to bed once each... The yellow one will do the same as the other one... As long as the top is green it has a possibility to bounce back dont give up it sucks when it dont go according to plan but plants have this very big will to survive
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  2. Firstly thanks for the swift replies, I'm using canna cocco professional plus mixed with perlite, the plant itself is housed in a small cupboard about 1m squared, trying to keep humidity levels above 40% and temp is around 24 degrees average, double checked my light, turns out it's a 300w dual spectrum CFL, keeping it about 9 inches away, they sprouted about three weeks ago and not noticed any new growth, I did however notice the tips of the first leaves (not the round ones) starting to turn yellow around three days ago. I cliped the first set of leaves of the second plant because they had turned brown and rolled up on themselves, was this a bad move? Basically I have no clue what I'm doing
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  3. At 3 weeks in coco and perlite they're probably starving. There is zero nutrition in the medium.


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  4. Thanks I've got some bytes ill dose them up and get back to you in a few days :)
  5. Nu
    Nutes not bytes lol
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    Timsey, a quarter strength is just fine. If these are hydroponic or standard bottled nutrients then pH balance the quarter strength solution to slightly acidic - somewhere right around 6.5 to 6.8, if you've got the ability to do so.

    You'll see a difference soon.

    Edit: my apologies, I was looking at the 2nd set of pictures by GZWX420, which are larger than yours. Still, quarter strength or even slightly less won't hurt any plant. I'm not sure how close you are light is but move it away a little bit if it's too close. Your tiny seedlings may not make it with their first set of leaves "burned". I'm not sure why they did that since there's no nutes in there yet unless the lighting was too strong/too close? Was it right on top of them?

  7. I highly recommend that site. Some of the articles repeat information but it's good repetition to help it sink in. I'd suggest keeping the light 4 inches away. I kept my lights as close as possible without touching it, but I was using 40W CFLs so you might want to keep it a little further back. This is my plant after two weeks under two 40W CFLs:
  8. How many hours are you keeping the light on per day? I left mine on 24 hours for the first few weeks of its life
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  9. Cfl is extra slow growth, extra small fluffy bud. Id investing money in an LED any cheap good one in the future after you see your results and want to expand yield. Mars 2 hydro for 100$ wild produce over -2 ozs. Vs Cfl like 8th. I got a platium 450

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  10. Cfl will be all stem and leaf, little smoke able dense buds. So handle it bro best luck. Try to minic nature
    -good Air,water,light,(so bud Dryin right is key to taste) = kind bud

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  11. I have gotten amazing results with CFL in small tent grows. As my operation has matured CFLs are no longer applicable, as the yield is reduced on a large scale.

    If you're gonna use CFL, get the hydro farm 200w

    With this lamp only grow 2-3 plants, flip to 12/12 when plant is 12in tall in a 3 gallon pot.
  12. I regularly used to Pull 3 zips from 2-3 plants in a tent with the hydro farm 200 real watt fixture. All buds always firm and moderately dense. I use gavitas now.... But for what you're doing cfl will work great! You just gotta make sure it's strong enough. Dont listen to the naysayers!!
  13. Those are dead bro start over

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  14. Hey, thanks guys, I had a hunch that the light was probably too much for a seedling, don't really know a lot about lights but I'll take a look at that hydro farm 200w. I've just received some CBD kush seeds and random freebies so I'll try again, hopefully this time with better results,

    P.s : I noticed one of the seedlings fall over today, I think they're dying :(
  15. Why not try transplanting? If you think they're going to die, maybe a fresh start in new soil might be the jolt they need.
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