plants looking in pretty bad shape :(

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  1. i've been to flat out lately to pay attention to my first grow. now i think i may have stuffed it. any tips to put them on a road to recovery?

    they are both planted in a 20L pot with organic soil, perlite and have twice had a dose of nutes and have now got some compost. they've both been growing since the start of November (i've been slack in keeping up with proper notes about the grow).

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  2. Are they a Lowryder strain? Kinda looks like it to me. Just keep them watered regularly, and add nutes when they need it (I assume you dont have a schedule). Keep the light down on them as close as you can get without burning. You dont look like you have too much longer till harvest, just keep them happy. Watch the hairs change color, inspect the trichs and go from there.
  3. so i should just keep them on a 12/12 and they will grow taller? they don't seem very big compared to other plants i have seen. the strain is aussie blue x sugar babe.
  4. I thought you grow lowrider autoflower at 24/0.... not 12/12

  5. Yea, do the above, I would. What are they, 4-5 inches tall? Just curios.
  6. they're about 8 inches tall i think. i will measure properly tomorrow when they're awake.
  7. why are they so short? is it the strain or have i fucked up along the way? i did neglect them big time but i was also trying a few things like putting them in the sun for the weekend to save on power.

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