plants look rough please help 1st grow.

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  1. So basically I think i under watered the front one and over watered the back two. but I'm not quite sure some of the lighter colored leaves are flipped over from a fan blowing on them but then again some are a little yellow. every time i watered the dirt was dry when i stuck my finger in it but i never used the lift the bucket method until recently. This is how i concluded that the front one was under watered and the back 2 overwatered. the front bucket was light and obviously the back 2 heavy. I'm knew to this so take it easy on me hope i didn't kill them ..:mad:
  2. The one in the front does look underwatered... I can't tell for sure from the picture, but I see powdery mildew on the plant to the left and a little on the plant to the right of it. :(

    I don't know how to treat it though, since I live in a very dry area and haven't had any fungal problems.
  3. its not mildew but it is epsom salt mixed with water that i was using as a topical spray
  4. how long does it take for overwatered plants to come back to normal?
  5. No more than a day or two...hope they bounce back :)

    Happy growing
  6. the one that was under-watered came back right away. will the other two in the back that i over watered not come back?
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    I think of it like this.... If a plant is thirsty it will drink and perk up right away (15-45 min.) If it was over watered that means that the roots are basically drowning and are deprived of oxygen. That takes around 2-5 days depending on how big the container is, how much you over watered it, and soil composition (soil have perlite?, Type of container?)

    Now your containers are plastic/clay....they are usually the worst ones because they don't allow air to get tothe roots as well as smart pots,air pots, etc. Don't get me wrong they work good but not when they are over watered. Just give them time and get a fan blowing on them....that helps open up the stomata in the leaves. Happy growing :smoke:
  8. okay ill give them time. thanks for the response man hopefully ill get it right.

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