Plants look like hell, wtf?

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  1. Can you guys help me out? Just switched them to flower a few days ago, watered them 24hrs ago, and now they are doing this? Holy shit??

    1000w hps
    4x4x7 tent
    5gal smart pots / happy frog soil / Cyco Grow A+B + CalMag

    Watered 20 ounce bottle 24hrs ago, 2 20 ounces 48 hours before that. What the hell....this doesn't look good

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  2. water completely to 10% runoff then dont water until they are bone dry
  3. Thank you! This was solved by watering, 30 minutes later they had all perked back up. Stupid first time grow mistake and I panicked :(
  4. yea common want to really soak it so you dont have dry pockets or the roots can get damaged...feel how heavy the pots are then water again when they feel super light..can be 4+ days when they are still in veg but if they get droopy when you havent watered in days then that means they need water
  5. I flipped them to flower a few days ago and I'm using a 1000w, the plants are much bigger than back when I watered once every 72-80 hours, I think I just need to generally give them more and make sure to aerate the soil the best I can. I'll update my journal tomorrow, check em out sometime and let me know what you think! Thank you for the advice my friend.
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