plants leaves wont heal. help.

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  1. I have 5 vegging plants(clones) they have been growing for 2 months now. amd still not ready to go to fowering. i have one 125w 5u bulb(200) in a closet. the leaves never seem right. i tried just watering em with water and barely some nutes at 1/4. The stems near the top are starting to get purple and all have slow growth. i need tips on how i can flush and try and start a new revised routine. thanks. i can email picture only sorryy. It wont let me upload any they all fail. but its serious. i just started spraying epsom salt water on the leaves. email me at if you want to see pictures. i dont mind. please.
  2. Try resizing your pictures so they are smaller. You should be able to upload them then.
  3. Heres some pictures. i need a new plan. thanks

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  4. Bumpage cause my plants are doing the same thing and looking for answer!
  5. Okay so you have plants in their 8th week of veg... what has your feeding schedule consisted of? What nutes? what soil? whats your ph?

  6. You're showing burn and deficiencies at the same time...the most likely thing IMO is pH, unless you're using time release nutes...
  7. I have them on a 1/4 of nutes. 20/20/20. And when i water them with nutes every other watering. gow much water and nutws should i give them. a cup? And should i water then wait two-three days water. then wait the same then water with nutes? I cant see if i need stronger or weaker nutes. I use bottled water when i water. and i dont know the ph cuz i dont have a reader.
  8. First off... Knowing your PH can be a plant saver... If your PH is WAY down the scale (acid) you can literally burn your plants to death. Distilled water is allways the way to go brotha. Just personally what do for my wattering... Since i have my plants in 6 gal pots, i water with nutes every watering but i dont water them untill about 5 days apart, or untill they start turning a light green or drooping. Good Luck Brotha!
  9. How should i set it up so i can start putting full nutes every five days or so. Do i need to flush them then start over?
  10. Well since i have 6 gal pots, i water every 5 days because they retain the watter for so long. Depending on the size of pot you have you should water with full nutes either every wattering or Nutes then just distilled water then nutes again... Differant strains take everything differantly.
  11. I have mine in large pots as well. they take awhile to dry out. and what im saying is do i need to fkush. should i start using full nutes when i see signs of recovery.

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