Plants leaves crispy, brown, and dying

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  1. My plant was growing great up until this last week. It was an outdoor plant but as the temperatures here are getting above 105 I've been keeping it inside. My plant is growing exceptionally slow and all old leaves have gotten brown/grey and crispy, they also fall off the plant easy. New growth takes a few days and when the leaves grow they turn wilted and crispy. The only problems I can think of is nutrient lockout because I've NEVER tested PH on my water. My lights inside aren't too close or too hot. What do you guys think is wrong with this plant?

    Sorry if this post is worded weird these edibles are hitting hard.



  2. Ph testing is a must for starters everytime you water. Your soil looks super wet so Im thinking root rot or nute lock. Can you tell me what temps, nutes and soil you are using?
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  3. It's always 75-82 in this room I just transplanted this into fox farms ocean forest soil and I've been watering with fox farms grow big nutes every 3-4 days. I don't think it's root rot because when I transplanted the roots looked fine and they didn't have any odd smell.

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  4. Man I tell you what I have had a hell of a time with fox farm being way to hot over the years. I use black gold organic and no nutes after seed pops for first 21 days. This goes for autos and photo strains. Lay back on the watering until that pot gets light. Watering is all about feel and experience will tell you less water is better for healthy root expansion. Keep your temps where they are, ph your filtered water to 6.3 every time and if shes a photo she should recover. What type of lights are you using? Im a LED guy 100% and swear by them. Heres my last fastberry auto at day 24 so you know Im not giving bad advice.

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  5. I have 5 80w cfls for now and it isn't an auto. I'm going to buy a pH meter tonight and hopefully my plant will start to perk up.

    What type of LEDs do you use to grow? I've been thinking about investing in some indoor grow equipment because my last few grow attempts in this Vegas heat haven't gone so well.

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