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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grassmann1, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. i juss started growing again and im wondering if it would hurt if i put all my little plants in the same pot right not leaving them in there but its a pretty well sized pot and wide...the plants are only like 1 inch tall so far...but i plan to transfer them soon as possible...will this hurt them in any way?
  2. Edit* I decided to erase my original post because you were rude. So my knew answer is "no shit". Thank you.
  3. no shit any one knows juss using this for now till i get seperate pots...this will only be like this for a day or 2
  4. not a good idea, incase one or 2 of them decide they like their new home........and sprout roots, that mingle with the plant that's allready in transplanting after that will be need to do it.........Peace out........Sid

  5. if it was good info you shud of left it up, others read this and you might of helped someone that didnt want to ask becuse they thought they would of been told to use the search button and made to look stupid.

  6. no not everyone knows
  7. Ok the reason I edited it was because I answered dude's question and then dude was like "no shit". If the answer was so obvious that he said no shit to it, then he already knew the answer and shouldn't of posted the question..... But I'm not going to get hung up on it, freedom of speech.

    Alright for newbies or anybody that would like to know the answer it's pretty much like this. Transplanting a seedling is stressful on the seedling and it's hard to do. If you slip up (pull to hard and damage the roots, damage the plant putting it in different soil etc) it can really be counter productive. And to put more than one seedling per container is really bad. Once they start getting roots their roots go all over the place and really start branching out under the soil. That's because the plant is thirsty and it's roots are kinda like reaching out for water. (Which is why if you keep your seedlings a little dry, your roots will grow faster, and your plant will in turn grow faster). So the roots are going crazy trying to find moisture pockets and get enough water/food to support healthy growth up top. So putting more than one seedling in the same container is pretty much asking for the vigorous hungry roots to somewhere cross paths with anothers plants roots, complicating transplanting significantly.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ says it all

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