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    I can't figure out whats wrong with these guys. I thought it was heat damage from being to close to the lights (6xCFL's) but i have raised he lights and he problem persists. Could it be an overall heating issue? I don't think it has anything o do with watering. They are grown in organic soil, haven't used any nuts on them yet.

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  2. Can't be sure but I'll take a guess. How much are you watering? They do look a tiny bit droopy, although not easy to tell from a birdseye view. Yellowing of leaves can also be a symptom of over watering. Do you have holes in the bottom of your cup/pot for drainage?

    Spose it could be a pH issue too. Heck I dunno, I do know they don't look that bad! :D

    GL and don't take just my word for it, wait for an expert! ;):smoke:
  3. Ok, so i just replanted the young ones into much larger pots using organic soil mixed with some pearlite i had left over. The brown spots seem to have started to clear up, seems Loki was right. Now i just need to make a new hood that fits over these huge pots :p.

    I picked up some fertilizer.I couldn't find 20-20-20 mix, so i had to settle for a 24-8-16 (i think). I'm hoping the organic soil i have will supplement the fert. It's bean doing good so far so i really don't see a problem arising.

    When i transplanted I noticed the roots had grown around the bottom of the pot and started to grow up the aides of the pots. Could this have caused any of the yellowing on the bottom leaves, is this normal and nothing to worry about?
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    Hey everyone, quick updates on these three ladies and some questions.

    The three plants are doing allot better now that i have transplanted them into much larger pots and moved the light. Ill try to get some pics up soon.

    I had a question about watering, as it seems my plants are asking for it.

    I was watching a video about growing indoors in which the grower had plants in soil very similar to my setup but on a fairly larger scale. (closet vs. a room in a house) The grower said he watered his plants with 200ml (about a cup) of water which he had premixed with nutrients.

    I was wondering if it would be feasible to use this watering schedule given that my setup is much more primitive than the one in the video.

    I was also wondering if it would be possible to use regular fertilizer in lieu of the more expensive nutrient mixes, of course using the fertilizer in a very diluted form. This would be with every watering or every week or every other week depending on what you say here.

    If anyone has any other watering schedule suggestions please let me know. If your new to the thread most questions about grow setup have bean answered in previous posts.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm still waiting for a response to the post before this one (so please read it first), but I thought I might upload some photos and ask for some advice.

    Currently I am thinking about pruning my plants, as these seem to be very full and I am worried that there is not enough light to feed all of these lower branches. I also need to expand these plants horizontally to use as much horizontal space as possible, ideally i would like them to reach the edges of the pots.


    Also you may notice the tips of the leaves have turned yellow in 2 of the plants. I was first thinking they were thirsty, but the soil is moist, so now I think it may be over watering, but I would like to know what everyone thinks after looking at the photos.


    The third plant seems to have another problem, it is a very dark green, and the tips of the top leaves are curling down. Also the leaves have a scrunched shape to them and are much thinner. I am thinking that it may be a nitrogen surplus in the plant, but again, I would like ot know what you guys think.


    I have uploaded the majority of the photos into my photo album "Small Closet Grow" so go check it out and let me know what you think.
  6. Could someone please discuss this post?

    Also, I was wondering if I could begin flowering a this point or if I should wait.
  7. Looks like your plants are having issues with the nutes. The last plant looks like a N toxicity. I recomend flushing them with ph'ed water. Im just guessing but the plants have nute lock do to a high ph. The leaves can get like that from a toxic salt build up and unbalanced PH. Test your water b4 you poor it in the pots and catch some of the run off and tex that to see what you need to do.

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