Plants in need of saving?

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  1. So his is my first grow and not entirely sure what's going on

    Today is day 17 of veg
    They looked perfectly fine until 2 days ago

    Soil- FFOF
    Lighting 600w hps
    Have not added any bytes so far
    Temp is 79 RH is around 20-25

  2. I'm a new grower myself, but is that a little low for the RH?
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    Over watered or root bound I'm leaning towards both rh is low but cannabis is very adaptive mine has been between 25 and 30 the entire grow and doing just fine

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  4. RO?!!! U guys r kidding right. I think u SHOULD go with beginnings of nitrogen deficiency which would also play a tad into the "root bound" theory, cuz ur little buddies used up or r using up all the nitro in that solo cup. Time to pot up or start some light feed. I'm a simple, super soil and light compost teas from time to time (w molasses). But just pot them up and next time they start yellowing from the bottom (and it's not mite related), u should just give them a light hit of something. Little guys like that don't need much but soon they will want all u have in ur soil:):):). Good luck and have fun. Looking good for ur start. :)
  5. But I might get on board with the over water mention, above, also. Leaves r kinda hinting at that. Make them tell u when they r thirsty or if u don't wanna go that route, do the finger test. If u can feel wet when ur a half-finger in the soil, they don't need water. That theory doesn't apply to super root bound but u r nowhere near that.
  6. Dude said it good tho. Ur plants r super adaptive in soil. And RO is a tad blown out of proportion, as far as it's importance, but if ur hydroponic it will effect more than soil grows. Good luck and I'll leave ur thread alone now. ;)
  7. Just transplant them water and they'll be fine.

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  8. U meant RH. Lol. Not RO. Yeah. But try to keep that below 40 if u can....not as big a deal in veg Cuz ur little girls will be more likely to mold/powder mildew when the RH is too high during flower. Maybe a little better airflow will help u. I've gone from one extreme to the other with "wind"....from barely and fans to hellish vortex of turbine power. And, as always, somewhere in the middle is best. Good luck
  9. Thanks for the help

    Looking much better today
    Plan on switching them into 3 gallon pots in a week or so but for now this was all I had
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  10. Much better

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