plants in flowering. showing bad signs:(:(

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  1. i just started flowering my plants 2 weeks ago and I've noticed yellow blotches on the leaves for a while, but now it's starting to turn into something a little worrying.

    I'm thinking it's a magnesium/calcium deficiency, but I'm getting advice that it's just my pH is off causing lockout or over nutrients. I adjust my plants water to 6.5-6.8 and keep my ppm at around 320 is that to high?


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  2. That's either drying out or Phosphorus deficiency. Drying can be caused by underwatering, heat, dry air, etc. The latter can sometimes be caused by incorrect pH. Be sure to test your soil pH. If it's far enough off, it'll change the pH of any liquids you give them.
  3. I think 320 ppm is low for 2nd week of flower... but I don't know your medium's nutrient content or how long you vegged for. What's your runoff pH?
  4. i vegged for 4 weeks, and i am using foxfarm oceanic soil. im confused about the ph of my runoff am i supposed to water my plants until there is water coming out of the bottom of the pot every time me and then test that water's pH?? if so i have not been doing that at all.

    i am using canna nutrients (terra vega for veg. and terra flores for flowering) i'm also using a product called cannazyme it is supposed to facilitate the breakdown of cellulose from lost or damaged root material while stimulating new development of root components.

    heres the npk breakdown.

    for terra fores it says 2-2-4(total nitrogen 2%,available phosphate 2%,soluble potash 4%)

    the cannazyme breakdown is 0-2-1(available phosphate 2%,soluble potash 1%)

    I use half recommended strength of both of those products per gallon of water.
    i am about to feed my plants right now. should i just flush and use distilled water for a few days or water with my normal feed??

    thanks so much guys,
  5. Imho, the best way to test runoff is by letting the water sit in the soil for at least an hour and then squeezing some out, either by pressing on the soil surface or by scooping some out and squeezing it. Liquid that runs out right when you water hasn't had time for its pH to equalize with the soil's, so its pH can be anywhere between that of the original liquid and the pH of the soil.

    Never flush soil unless there's a toxicity or as the last watering before harvest. Otherwise, you're just washing away nutrients in the soil and maybe overwatering as well. When giving the plants full feedings (i.e. roughly as much as they can handle w/o burn) it's usually best to alternate with plain, pH'd H2O every other watering.
  6. ok i just fed and tested runoff and it was at 6.9
  7. I've been having this problem for weeks now and my leaves keep getting drier and wilting starting from the edges spreading to blotching on all of the leaf, and then it gets so dry it breaks when you touch them??

    please if anyone can help me by telling what these problems could be??? I'm stumped and super frustrated.

    I'm almost positive it's some sort of deficiency, I just can't link it to ANY problems I've seen from pictures online or in any of my books(marijuana plant problems, and the marijuana grow bible)

    please, please if someone could help me out that has enough experience to tell what could be happening I would appreciate it so much. my babies just starting showing their pistols and I don't want them to die or not bud because of these problems.
  8. and thanks jellyman. I always thought you test the runoff from under the pots. if that's the case my runoff ph is NOT 6.9 I'll need to test it as soon as I get back to my location. but I did just feed with my canna nutrients terra Flores, and cannazyme both products at half strength.

    again thanks so much guys,
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    do you think this is a phosphorus deficiency jelly?
  10. You can still collect runoff from the bottom if you press on the soil surface an hour after a good watering.

    The first pic especially looks like P def. It can look very similar to patches of drying out on the leaves, more so with indicas than sativas imo. Giving them extra P certainly shouldn't hurt anything and if it works, you'll know that was the problem. The damaged leaves won't heal btw. The way you'll know the problem is fixed is if it doesn't spread further and the plants grows better.
  11. ok well after going to the local hydro store I'm almost positive it's a cal mag deficiency. I was told to get a spray bottle and mix some epsom salt in with non ph'd water and spray it on leaves showing bad signs and seeing if it helps.

    I did that about 3 days ago and it definitely showed sliiiight improvement. so I'm going to go ahead and ad the cal mag to my next feeding and pray*fingers crossed* that it helps. both my babies have showed their pistols so I am really hoping this fixes the problem.

    my question is how to feed my plants the cal mag water. should I use it every feeding? or everyother time alternating with distilled water? and how long should I continue to use the cal mag? just until all signs are gone??

    bwknrnkajhebdjdj lots of questions lol.

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    sinsemillaplease or jelly????? lol
    right now my babies are just starting to show small buds and i dont want to cause small buds. th last thing i want is to lessen my yield or fuck up the sizes of my bud because of some dumb little mistake:/

    thanks for any help guys.
  13. Sorry man, even though I'm confident it's not related to Calcium or Magnesium, I'd still tell you how to use the CalMag if I knew. I give my plants those two nutrients through other sources and have honestly never touched CalMag.
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    what do you think about it being a pH problem??
    it just hit me, ive been feeding my plants with a ph of about 6.7. ive been reading marijuana garden saver back and forth and i read that soil ph range should always be between 6.0-6.5 slightly acidic. i just fed my babies with a ph solution of 6.25-6.3 yesterday and it seems like it helped over night. i have some pics right here of some blotching and the growing buds do these pictures look more like a ph lockout?? because its never been a problem effecting all the leaves just certain ones.

    i also noticed some of the pistols are already starting to turn red?!?! maybe like 1 or 2 out of the hundreds but i dont see why they woud have even started?:confused::confused::confused:

    here are some pics of the effected leaves and some bud shots
  15. PH problems don't usually cause that kind of dry/dead patches on the leaves. PH issues will show up in the new growth, not exclusively though. I don't see pics of the plant tops, so they could have pH problems but I don't think pH would have caused all the damage shown by itself. The pH being off will usually make deficiencies worse.

    The best pH for regular potting soil, it's waterings & it's feedings is 6.5. The best pH for hydro, soilless, coco coir and almost any other substrate not made of normal soil is 6, or sometimes as low as 5.8. Perhaps I'm missing it, but I don't see what you're using for the substrate, just your fertilizers. For best results, you'll want to know exactly what you're growing in and keep it at the correct pH.

    The patches of necrosis on that leaf look like Phosphorus deficiency. Like i said before, even if you fix such a deficiency, the damaged leaves will stay damaged. So, even if that leaf is indeed showing a symptom of P def, it may have been from some time ago and the problem may have already been fixed. This is unless you just saw the damage appear on this leaf recently.
  16. thank you for that info. as far as what medium i am using to grow if that is what you mean by substrate i am using foxfarm oceanic grow. the new pant grow is doing fine unti a few days and then some leaves may curl and other will bend at the tips sometimes showing slight blotching. the past few days though they have been great

    the only thing thats worrying me right now is some of my pistols are turning brown? not alot of them just a few thats noticeable. and as you can see in the second to last picture my plants JUST started to show flowers. i don't know if that is normal or not?... this morning my outlet timer had a fucking brain fart or something but it didn't come on and i did't catch it until i woke up. so basically my light was off for an extra 5 hours, is this going to cause a lot of stress on my pants or am i over excited? this is the first time this has happened and will never happen again. is the browning of my pistols something to worry about or am i ok?
  17. Stigmas turning brown and drying up can be caused by overfertilization (starts with the lowest stigmas), strong foliar feeds (basically overfertilization), or from heat & dry air. They turn orangish as they ripen, but brown & dry isn't good. Which ones are turning brown? All of them, the lowest ones or the top ones?
  18. they're not turning brown as much as its reddish color. but it's one or 2 of the hairs up top maybe and quite a few on bottom bud sites. some of them are in groups and it's just the tips of them. can this be a problem that will stop bud growth? if so what can I do to stop it. my grow room never gets above 78degrees and humidity is always around 50%

    as far as over fertilization goes I did just recently add the calmag to the water I use but I only fed them with that solution once or twice. so I'm not sure if that did anything but yeah that's what I've done so far and where te redding is occurring. what do you think man?
  19. i'm stumped. once i get all this stuff down my next grow ill be definitely my first good harvest. unless this one turns out good.

    any info is much obliged jely
  20. As for the yellowing, I don't know enough to help...
    What I do know is they look very good for your first grow!

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