plants growing very slow

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  1. so these plants are 2 weeks from seed and its my first grow.
    i looked up how big they should be and mine are tiny compared to the ones ive seen
    i have like 9 hours of direct sunlight but when they first started it was shitty out a few days of the week
    so is it not enough sun or what??


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  2. As these seedlings are in veg, a min of 18 hours, or better 24 hours and at 75f/25c would improve these plants along with a bigger pot in 2 weeks, you gotta fill the pot so the plant can fill the area with roots.
    As we are now 1/2 way thru the growing season you may have to use a cfl array to give these plants enuf light say 4x 23w cfl, then doubling that when plant double size, sun during the day and cfl at night 24/7 for 2 months, settle on winter solstice as harvest day....
    ....think man think!!!

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