Plants growing very slow! Any help appreciated

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  1. Hello everyone this is my first grow and one of my plants is 3 1/2intall and the other is 3. Which I'm pretty sure is slow. A little bit about my grow I am using a 125watt cfl fixture that I am usin for both plants. They are about 3 inches away from the light. I have also been usin foxfarm nutes. Big bloom and grow big. The seeds are also unknown. I was not expecting this to be a really successful first go round but just wanted to see what it could do. Any idea why my plants are so small. First pic my smaller plant.


  2. arf @ peatpots, i had them first time this year, and transplanted them after 2 days of using them, started growing white mold/algea on them and they suckd all the water away from the soil..

    Your pots look soaked and your leaves are droopy, how much are u watering them?
  3. Hello I hav not ha any mold so far and I had just watered about 30 minutes before pics. But before that was Thursday night
  4. No nutrients are needed during the seedling stage of growth. Water with plain h20 only. Sorry but 1 125watt cfl light is not going to grow 2 plants out with much success past seedling stage.
  5. Bloom is only supposed to be used during flower. Don't over water,wait to water when top layer looks dry or when dry sticking Ur finger in soil. U also don't need to use fert every time u water,plain water can help wonders.
  6. I use the same pots you do and you shouldn't be watering it every 2 days thats why there so droopy, 3 or 4 days is about right for those and the amount of perlite you have. What strength have you been feeding the nutes? How old are they? Big bloom is also more of a flowering nute than veg but it works..
  7. Actually was thinking of buying some type of led also to add in a week or two
  8. Also what he said about your lights light. I hate getting into lights be because a 3 sentence post ends up turning into a 4 or 5 paragraph essay about lights by the end haha. What spectrum are they in 2700k or 6500k if you have the 2700k that could be playing a small role in your slow growth.
  9. There small because the roots have no where to go.. Get bigger pots transplant, don't use nutes for 3-4 weeks and water when soil is dry and they'll perk right up. 125 W cfl is okay for now but you'll definetly need at Least 3 or 4 more to carry you through veg. And wayyy way more if you plan on using that for flower... Honestly I'd can the cfls and go for a MH because althought the watts are good the lumen out put is not nearly adequate to get those nice, dense sticky buds your wanting.

    I am a pathological liar, don't believe anything I say as I don't know what I'm talking about and it is a lie.
  10. I am going off the fox farm nute schedule you give them big bloom thought the whole grow and tiger bloom during flowering only. As for the light it is a fluorowing grow light 125w 6400k. And I have been waiting to water till the top inch or two is fully dry
  11. You wanna wait until its almost completely dry up to your second knuckle. If you think it need water one night it would probably be better to wait until the morning. Letting the medium almost get dry promotes strong healthy roots, if don't have water then they go down more to keep looking. Most definitely don't give your plant nutes for a couple waterings just straight water so you can flush out all those nutes you've been trying to force feed it. Your plants will tell you when there hungry, you should water with plain h2o every few waterings anyway to help prevent nute burn and salt buildup, i do it every 3rd or 4th it just depends what my babies are telling me they want. You definitely don't have enough lights though. You need a minimum of 100w for the first plant and 50w for every plant after that. Its the minimum for a reason, you'll be disaapointed with your end result if you don't follow certain guidelines and lights are one of the things you absolutely cant short out on. If you go get you a 55w 6500k bulb and a 55w 2700k bulb and run it you'll be fine all the way through veg. I like 100w per plant personally. If i had the room and money to do 200w per plant id be all over it.

    Im gonna smoke a fat bowl for good luck for you man, that and its 420. I hope your first grow lives up to what your expecting. Don't be afraid to ask anything on here either people on GC love to help, I do anyway lol.
  12. Bigger pots!!!!!
  13. Agreed, very soon. I highly doubt there already rootbound but thats not some shit you wanna deal with so def upgrade. I also forgot to tell you to start at 1/4 strength nutes and work your way up after you give em plain water a couple times.

  14. Thanks for the info. I will definitely add some more lighting and stop with the nutes for a while. I was not giving them full dosages. So at this point should I even continue this grow or scrap it?
  15. Transplant asap and if you can invest in a 400w or 600w MH and HPS lighting. You can get the cooltube ballast and bulbs for less than 200 on amazon and those are gonna be better than the cfl's any day. You never did tell me how old they were? I wouldn't scrap your grow just yet all your problems are easily fixable at this point.
  16. O sorry I had said it in the first post and forgot to tell u. But they are 3 1/2 weeks
  17. Or I meant to say it in the first post haha
  18. Oh yeah its time to switch pots dude. It should be at least 3 times that size. Mine were a little over a foot at week 4 and thats after tops, fims and some lst. Your rootbound for sure, i thought you were 2 weeks max you need to get on that.
  19. Dang it i was thinking that but a buddy of mine said I was fine. But ok just went to the store bought some new pots and transplanted them and cut off the little pot to see the roots and they were growing into that little pot.
  20. You feed Big Bloom threw the whole growth cycle with grow big veg & tiger bloom flower

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