Plants growing too tall during flowering

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I’m in my second week of flowering, I’m growing several different strains, doing a sea of green technique. 6 of my sativa plants are growing too high too fast, can anyone recommend a LST idea to stop them growing too high, the stem is still soft and will adapt to changes.

    Thank you!

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  2. Woah dude-
    I think those are a little too far along to receive the MAJOR bend that they would need. They definitely looked stretched for 2 weeks of flower. Not sure if LST can correct it now but it may help. But what you definitely want to do with a set up like that is SCROG SCROG SCROG
  3. Are the lights that high because you've adjusted them as these plants were growing taller?

    If not, high lights = plants reaching for them.
    That and it's a sativa right? Kind of known to be tall and stretchy.
  4. I done fucked up , I was too lazy to do anything earlier about it, would the yield be smaller if I bend them then let the stems grow past the lights on the side
  5. Adjusted them as they were getting too close to the lights
  6. Sorry I can’t find a thread exactly describing it. But in case you aren’t familiar, SCROG stands for Screen Of Green. To simply put it, imagine a net with rather large sized spacing between. Now fitting those spacings just above your plants horizontally to keep them lower,
    You have a SCROG.
    Scrogging sounds more like what you are needing, you may come across, SOG ( Sea of Green) which is something similar. But that requires the plants go THROUGH the netting holes, where as SCROG is UNDER
    the netting holes I believe
  7. Okay I’ll do that, have some screens I was gonna use as support during the 4th week of flowering, thanks
  8. I’m not sure if they’d survive a bend of that magnitude, plus they are in flower so it will also delay your flowering time stressing them that much, since LST is not gonna be as effective for them being already in bloom. I wouldn’t scrap them just yet, you may be able to bend them somewhat. But like I said, I’m not sure they’ll take it well. If you are keen to any new ideas -I’d say pull some clones of if it while can and start them up, so you can at least have a back up as well.
  9. Use thick twine to tie off to the side any colas and/or branches that are too close to the light.
    It's much too late for a SCROG.
    A SCROG would probablly have failed, because it wouldn't be able to contain that much vegetation.
  10. Take heavy fishing line like 50lb or bigger and tie ur tops down. If the can bend or snap don't worry. Just tape it with electrical tape! Us OGs call it snappin necks! If the stems are hardened use the fishing line. Pull the tips down and make a even canopy

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  11. You could lollipop the tall plants and put the smaller plants on blocks so all are same distance from the light
  12. Im wity papa on this. Id supercrop them right now... ive been in this position many years back, supercropped them and they were fine. No hermies.
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  13. No question in my demented mind that you've got to pull those puppies down.
    Rather that Papa's idea of 50 lb test, I think that this odd stuff may do the trick a bit better;
    IMG_1281.JPG IMG_1282.JPG
    Just keep cinching them down; they'll go.

    I bought that roll JUST BECAUSE it looked clever; too large for my tiny plants, but it can hold your tops down without accidentally cutting them.
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  14. Yes I have pulled 7 ft trees down and made the best canopy I could! If not the bottom will suffer

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  15. I use this....


    You can just see it there by the pegs, fantastic stuff.
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    Same stuff?
    Mine looks to be a greater diameter, overall.
    .523" 82.5mm
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  17. Haha holy shit man thoes are beasts
  18. Ye i think yours is thicker.. i swear by this stuff though, brilliant for tieing plants down.
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    And on the the contrary, someone got me a roll of Twist Tie; I IMMEDIATELY sliced into my plants;
    I use craft pipe cleaners, personally.

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