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  1. Ok, so I have one three week old, and two two week old bagseed plants under a 150 watt hps. They are in 1 gallon pots. They are four inches away from the light. They are on 18/6. The three week old started on it's second set of leaves recently, the other two are still holding onto their cotelydons. They all show sativa dominance. Is this the normal rate of plant growth? I have no nutes on them, just 2/3 regular soil, 1/3 pearlite. Reverse Osmosis ph 6.5 purified water. Desk fan keeps them moving vigorously. Temperatures range from 78 to 88 degrees depending on outside temperatures. No Co2, no artificial humidity adjustments, medium local humidity (Cali desert area).
  2. Three weeks old and just started on it's second set of fan leaves? That is NOT normal. >_>

    When I started my grow I originally had three plants but one turned out to be a runt. It was experiencing the same slow as growth rate as your plants so I tossed it as not to waste water or nutes on it. I have no idea if the rate of growth will pick up or not, so it's up to you whether or not to keep or kill them. Perosnally, I'd get rid of them and start over...I mean by three weeks your plant should be about ready to flower.
  3. every plant I've ever grown has had this kind of growth rate though . . . I don't understand why every plant is always a runt . . . it's from bagseed, but that's all I've got. Investing in good genetics doesn't seem worth it under 150 watts of hps light, so I don't know what to do. Well, we'll see.
  4. With that kind of lighting you should be getting a lot better results. $3 CFLs would be producing better results than that if you were using quality seeds.

    Dump the bagseed and buy some Nirvana bank seeds (i recommend buying from drchronic) Nirvana has a lot of different strains under $20, and their seeds are great. It's a great investment for your situation. Most bagseed sucks, and if you actually purchase breeder seed packs, you will notice a difference like light and day.

    Good luck.

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