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  1. I am in the middle of week 3 and the plants are growing slowly. the shoots are not growing out. help.

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  2. WHat kind of lights?

  3. veg - 400 watt MH
    bloom - 400 watt HPS
  4. 3:1 FFOF/happy frog with 35-40% perlite and about 3-5% vermiculite.
  5. temp in grow room?

    how often do you water?

  6. between like 76.5 and 80.0 F

    It was a bit over watered. i am letting it dry a bit right now.
  7. Week 3 of what? From germination? They don't look that small if it's from germination.

  8. do yourself the favor and feel the dry weight of your pots so you always know when to water it.

    and this ^ it's not bad at all for week 3, some strains take longer than others.
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    Oh no, sorry. I sprouted them in 6 oz. cups and then transplanted into these 2 gallon pots. 3.5 weeks in the 2 gallon pots. more like 4- 4.5 weeks total since it came out of dirt.. I live in THE desert, if that's anything. 112* and about 3% humidity outside.
    Should i let them dry completely before next water?

    are these savable?:confused:

    Thanks for posting. i can use all the tips i can get.

  10. Everybody preaches differently, sometimes I'll let them get completely dry and sometimes I'll let them be a bit moist. Just around the dry weight is when I water, give or take.

    And haha of course they're good bro, nothing to have to worry about saving, they look healthy. Just starting out slow :)

    Never throw out a plant unless you need to, it's still looking green right?
    Then you're good
  11. last few times i was ready to change lights but these are no where near...

  12. VERY nice green. i assume just added time to total grow then huh?

  13. yup. i have a lady right now taking forever to flower, expecting 10-12 weeks.

    I'm on day 81 and expecting another month to month and a half till harvest.

    They're looking nice and bushy too, you won't regret going with HPS and MH though :)

    Good luck! post updates every once in a while

  14. one last question. knowing that i need to allow a bit of extra veg time, should the side branches begin to grow out like they should so that i may train them or is it a wait and see and go with what it gives me?

  15. what kinda training you doing? LST, SCROG?

  16. just tying them down just a bit to lower the canopy a few inches.
  17. not sure if you've found an answer yet but, i was experiencing very weak growth on one of mine.

    New leaves were small and spindly and just not setting out like a cannabis leaf should...i checked my NPK and pH, only thing off was the Phosphorus was non-existant and the pH was a little low, i know its not the most necessary nutrient during veg but all signs and days of worry/research pointed to Phos, i added .5-1 tsp of my biothrive bloom to 2 liters (.5gal) of water and watered regularly with solution and back to vibrant life she came

  18. I just did that last water
  19. Nice i hope it helps, i forgot also to say that another symptom i was experiencing with the phos deficiency was the leaves were staying V'd and not flattening out...anyways, good luck with the grow!

  20. I had canoed leaves too, but i raised the light 6-8" and it was remedied in a couple of hours.

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