plants growing slow, will i still get bud?

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  1. this is my first attempt at an outdoor grow. im using bagseeds and am doing this just for the hell of it so i am not investing a lot of money into the grow. that being said, i planted 2 seeds outside on 4/22, since then they have not gotten that big at all. i believe its because they're not getting enough sun light.
    they are in this old treehouse because i waiting until i thought they were strong enough to put them in my real grow spot. Im going to move them there this week, but for a little over 2 months they're pretty small? will i still be able to get bud off of them or will it not recover from its early slow growth? :confused::confused:

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  2. IDK bro, but that dirt looks mighty 'rugged'...
    Personally, I use normal dirt, taken from places where the vegetation is EXTRA green..
    No chemicals, nada.. I do however, grind up egg shells and mix them with the dirt..
    Also, I would suggest BIGGER pots... Those are nice for the begining, now you gotta up the ante..
    Also, I feed my chickens spinach and they lay like 3 eggs in one day! The reason I mention this, is because soon I will grind up spinach and use it as fertilizer in my plants.. Very soon! Maybe you can take this suggestion and see if it works!
    The great thing about THAT experiment, it's impossible to harm the plant.. At worst, the spinach will just become dirt.
  3. That dirt looks like it has a lot of rocks and sticks. I once used a soul like that and my plants also grew very slow like barely 4-5 inches tall in like 2months. I put them into some fox farms soil afterwards and they just exploded with growth. The rocks and sticks in the soil were restricting root growth. It also seems like your plants don't get very much sun.
  4. ok i will transplant them into bigger containers and use some soil from my real garden.
  5. Just make sure to add 50 % peatmoss and 20% perlite this will help boost the plant, also some soil with micro nutes in them .... they should take off .. Im thinking the roots are restricted to growth .. thats the main problem plus the soil.. Also dont be scared of the sun give it as much sun as possible as long as the amounts of water is adequate, sun will not bother a MJ plants........

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