Plants growing oddly?

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    So these guys have been out and about above soil  a few days nows, and they are doing great as far as i know, but being this is my first CFL grow and am not sure what to expect maybe its normal. but its not what my outdoor girls do so..... they are growing really close like huddling in for warth or something, but thats not the case its always 75 in there. they dont stretch at all i think thats cuz of the light proximity. what do you think? heres pics


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  2. weird mine did the same for all 3 but as they got bigger the leaves evened out but i dont know why it does that
  3. Yeah, they seems to do it on and off. i dont get it still, but its not affecting growth so its cool. they are both exploding with new growth!
  4. Heard they will grow just as normal as any other plant

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  5. I've heard that the leafs starting upward just means it's really healthy. All mine started the same way and they are doing great .
  6. It definitely seems so! 

    All the outdoor plants ive ever grwon though always go tree mode in like the first two or three weeks. ive never grown a little super bushy bud plant before. the node spacing is insane. 4 true leaf nodes and theyre both only like 2-3 inches tall!

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