Plants growing good but then stop growing.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gregmagnu, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. i have 4 plants 2 seedlings and 2 other plants that are a week or 2 older. The older ones were growing find. but then all of a sudden the bottom leaves turn to a light green coler and get crispy and they seamed to stop growing. Then the other older ones leaves are withering and seamed to stop growing. Its cant be overwatering, i only watered them once and its been like about 2 weeks, theres still moisture so i didnt add anymore water. The soil im using is from a failed grow, its roots organic, is it still fine to use? So what can this be, i had similar problems before but it was after i transplanted. I keep messing up and its driving me nuts because im on a budget and hardly have money for weed. I have a oscilating fan on them. I dont have fresh air coming into my tent, im only using a oscilating fan for until i start to use my 600 watt then i have a 440cfm fan. Do you guys have any other advice so i can get some weed fast by using my tent, I'd be so more relaxed if i had weed. Thanks for your advice
  2. Put a pic up mate
  3. And water every 2-3 days when an inch or two of the top soil is dry they need watering

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