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    well im new 2 this site but iv been reading on here for about a year now its my first grow and im growing indoor then moving them outdoor because of limited space. there was a really hot day and my bedroom hit about 95 100 degrees i go to check on my babies and they were wilting really bad i took them and put them in a cooler spot and its been 2 days some died some dont look to well do you think they will be ok or should i just plant some new ones there only 2 weeks old
  2. If you want an opinion on how they look, you should attach a picture or two, otherwise you won't get very reliable help ;) 95-100 doesn't sound all that hot, sounds like they wilted from underwatering by your description, or maybe you put them straight into sunlight?

    Were they inside or outside when they died?

    Good luck!
  3. well this is the story they were in my attic thing and its been cool for the spring and all of a sudden we got a 100 degree day. long story short they were inside. i moved them to my closet and my room now has a air conditioner so at night i leave my closet door open cuz my lights are on atnight it get to be about 75 in my grow box when the lights on so i know im fine now. i just hope they will recover. so scrap the wilted ones or not. thankx for the help!!!!!!!

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