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    By my friend of 14 years. What a fucking piece of shit. I mean I always knew he was but I just never thought he would pull this shit on me. Basically, I broke the first rule of growing, never let anyone else in on the op. Yeah I've known him my whole life (we will call him D) so I really wasn't expecting it to happen, but I let him grow in my spot and he fucking cut all the top buds off the other night and when we went out to water the next day (i had no idea what was going on) I find half of my top buds missing on all of my plants. He also clipped the top buds off of his also to try to play it off, and then he was trying to act like he was hearing people walking through the woods and that he heard people at the fence to our spot before we got there. Not only that but before we ever even got out to the spot he was like "Yeah something doesn't feel right" I thought that was sketchy but damn I just really never expected it. Two other people also knew about it, my sisters boyfriend who I consider like my brother, and my other really good friend, but it couldn't have been either of them because they literally would of had to drive through D's driveway to access them otherwise have to walk for miles through swamps. Damn I mean I should have brought it up right when he was acting sketchy at the spot but hes always acting stupid and I just really never thought he would do something like this to me.

    So basically I'm going to wait for him to hit me up this weekend like he always does, I'm gonna act like everything is cool, and then when he shows up at my house I'm going to confront him about it and we'll take it from there. :mad:

    EDIT: Also forgot to mention, the D-Bag tried to bring up a few months ago that we should split the whole harvest 50-50 because a lot of his shit turned hermaphrodite. I told him right there that he wasn't getting a fucking piece of my shit because if it wasn't for me the spot wouldn't even be there and then he got all butthurt and shut up. So I think that could have enticed him a little.

    Also I still got the remaining bud, it is still incredibly dank shit, it just reeks up the entire house at all times. Got it drying now, then going into the jars for awhile. :bongin:
  2. so you have all of what was left? make sure you dont share and if his is still there go cut it down even if its early and make edibles lol
  3. Your probably should drown that guy.
  4. fk his shit up man thats dog
  5. Friends don't do that. Tell him so.
  6. I found out on Friday when I went to chop them that my 14 5 foot babies were stolen. I feel your pain man.
  7. Yeah when I finally get the balls to grow, Im not telling ANYONE. The cardinal rule of growing from what I hear. Thats a major bummer though, bro. Sorry to hear that.
  8. you should probably think of something else to type into the message box.
  9. Yeah I still have all the rest of my shit and i also have all of his shit drying in my room, he sure as hell isn't getting any of it back :rolleyes:.
  10. Pre-roll a fat blunt for him.

    But don't tell him the blunt was dipped in rat poison.

  11. What I'm taking from this is basically that the spot is in D's backyard.

    If that's true, I can see why he would get "butthurt" over you not giving him any of your harvest.

    Otherwise that sucks. :(
  12. A buddy of mine just got his plant jacked as well. We all know who did it but we have no conclusive proof so we can't make accusations.

  13. i laughed at that...
  14. errr that is horrible
    atleast he didnt take it all right. something to be grateful for.

    also. did you know lose that spot/ possibly the whole region for growing? if so that sucks even worse... to the point that i would forget this happened to be able to continue growing there
  15. That sounds horrible dude. I'd go nuts.

    But when confronting, try to keep your cool. I feel your pain, brotha.
  16. I should probably drown you. :rolleyes:

  17. This....
  18. Where do you think he is drying the stolen chit? :devious:

    Shouldn't be too hard to sniff out. :rolleyes::smoke:
  19. Its not in his backyard, its more just off in the woods/swamps way off behind his parent's house. The way its situated though unless you knew the area very well, you wouldn't be able to get to them without going through his families property.

    I have no intentions of talking to this kid until he comes around looking for his bud, and when he does I'm gonna have a lot of fun telling him he isn't getting any of it.
  20. wow my friend had this happen to, someone just went inside and stole his shit.

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