plants going to be too big?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GRAND, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. so I've been vegging my plants for a month since I recieved them from a friend. and he vegged them for 2 months i would say. The reason i vegged so long is because they were in horrible shape, and i honestly did not think they would make it through the mite infestation/ nutrient deficiencys they had.

    well now i decided they are good health and am going to be starting the flowering stage in a couple days.

    They are both 3 feet tall, so i was wondering how big are these suckers going to be?
  2. 6 foot, mabey larger they double in size when you flower them.
  3. i had a 12 inch female witch is 26 inches now 17 days into flower. so yeah they grow big very quickly.
  4. if it is a sativa that bitch will grow through the roof. i started to flower mine at 13 inches. almost the end of week 2 flowering and it is 22 inches so in 2 weeks almost doubled in height.
  5. well, that makes me happy to hear! kinda... a little scared of the stench, but ill figure it out when the time comes. thanks luuke:)
  6. 6 foot is going to be a massive plant, no worries :) and pink i know what you mean 17 days into flowering and its more than doubled im amazed lol.
  7. if its 3 feet now, your looking at anywhere between 6-8 feet I would say when ur done, depending on the genetics of the plant
  8. be prepared for a monster plant. may need 5 galolon bucket or bigger. your going to need lights that can also support the plant. yea luuke thows plant fucking grow
  9. ive got them in 5 gal buckets already, and i was planning on buying a 400watt HPS light tomarrow...unless you guys think i should go bigger than that?
  10. for 1 plant i think a 400w hps is good for like 3-4 plants ha should be plenty
  11. yeah thats what i was thinking. i have 3 plants going not just one. (purp wreck, deisel x hashplant, and milky way?)

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