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    Hello All, this is my 2cd grow from bagseed and have encountered problems since setting them out in the greenhouse.

    Some of the leaves have bites out of them but no sign of any pests, I have checked and double checked going over each plant with a magnifying glass and a loupe.

    whatever it is seems to be attacking the plant in different locations, my other plants in the smaller pots seem less effected.

    Hopefully it will be a simple fix and nothing to worry myself silly about, (which is what I am doing).

    Temps and ventilation is good, temps at canopy are 78 and rh 50-60%, but in the greenhouse last week humidity went off the dial and night temps were about 12C.

    Should I cut away the infected/damaged parts.

    Some of the leaves have gone blackish and looks fungus like which i have removed.

    Growing in soil, medium is 6.5ph, feeding nothing yet as they have only been in their new pots just over a week.

    Many thanks to all who help me out here.


    Very stressed out Stoner. :)
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    i wouldnt cut anything yet.the chunks.could be could posibly be little rips from before.i had the same thing i thought it was bugs but later i experimented.i riped a leaf by an accident from moving plant around, it was a litle tare.but a week and a half later as the leaf got bigger the tare looked like a bug been eating it.Low temps seem to stunt the growth but youll be alright just make sure it wont happen again.other than that cant realy comment on health cuz cant see the color of your leafs because of the lamp.But overall i see mg lock out in its begging stages. i could be wrong in soil you should aim for 6.6. Mg starts locking out at 6.5. some strains respond differently.

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