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    Hi everybody,

    I hope this thread is not against your forum rules ...

    I just try my luck for a few buddies to help them because it is about marijuana growing ;)

    If this post is not okay, please delete it.

    I want to briefly introduce you to a new app that my friends currently developed.

    The app is called "Plants & Flowers Weed Version" Plants & Flowers Weed Version – Android Apps on Google Play and is only available in the Android Play Store, so far.

    It is a cannabis simulation app for indoor growing. Maybe someone wants to play it.

    If you like the app, be so kind and leave them a review, because the guys are still at the beginning and everyone knows the beginning can be very tough ;)

    Here's a little promo video for you to see what's waiting for you

    (The video is labeled with the age restriction, you must be at least 18 years old and have a Youtube account to be able to watch it)

    I hope the post is okay?

    Thanks a lot
  2. I've said it before I don't know why anyone would want to virtually grow cannabis, the real thing is going to be ten fold more fun! Good luck to them though I hear making apps can bring in some serious cash!

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