Plants flowering and vegging in same pot???

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    I have two plants I grew from seeds that I got from a sack of some good mids. They are both in the same 5 gal. bucket of FFOF soil. I started them march 20th outside. Around the end of april, one of them began flowering. The other is still in veg. I bought Botanicare Progrow(for veg. phase) and then Probloom(for flowering). So my question is: Which fertalizer should I use on these plants? I am currently feeding them once every 7-10 days using Progrow and Liquid Karma (both at 1/2 of recommended dosage)
  2. I would kill the one in veg and use bloom nutes.

    This is an example of why it's recommended to limit each pot to 1 plant.

  3. Yea I planted 2 thinking only one would grow but they both kept on growing at about the same rate so I couldn't really choose one lol. What if I transplanted them in to a 3x3 hole? Or are they just too close together? I'm guessing the roots are pretty tangled by now so it would prolly cause as lot of stress if I tried to split them apart
  4. I wouldn't try to transplant them bro like you said those roots are all tangled, I would say kill one of em but not to sure.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about splittin em up. The way I see it, there are three options. 1: Go to bloom nutes and never look back. 2: Keep on with veg nutes until they're both in flower, then go to option 1. 3: Stop nutes all together, plant the whole works in a hole, and come back in late september.

    If I were you, I'd probably go with option 1. It won't hurt that other plant to start on the big bloom, or whatever, a little early. People make too much of a big deal out of nutes sometimes imo. FFOF is good enough that you really could stop nutes for a while and everything would be just fine. Good soil, good water, and the sun are the only things to be *really* concerned about outside.
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    What if I used both progrow and probloom at half strength each feeding until the one vegging showed sex or began flowering?
  7. It's not about using the wrong nutes and harming a plant (though if you are using synthetic, chemical nutes, it will happen). There is no reason to keep both plants alive in the same pot. They will fight for space and nutes crammed in there. I still think you would be better off to kill one (I'd kill the vegging one if the flowering one is a female) and give the rest of the pot to one plant.

    IF you want to keep them both alive, dig your 3x3x3 hole, transplant them, and try to LST them AWAY from each other.

    OR (just thought of this) you could just clone the vegging plant. Depending on how big it is, you could take several cuttings and continue to veg them, or cut the plant just above where the main stalk gets woody, root it, and transplant into a separate pot. This option obvious requires you to have cloning materials and know-how.
  8. Cut the vegging one, but dont make it a waste, make clones!:wave:
    then go straight to flowering ferts.

  9. So what if I cut the main stock at the bottom of the vegging plant and then just plant it in soil? Would this work or would it just not root and die?
  10. You could do that BUT what I'm trying to tell you is root the plant FIRST then plant it. You can root it in soil if you want. I prefer a bubble cloner (had no luck in soil). But to help increase your chance of success, you should cut ABOVE the WOODY part of the stalk. Cut where the stem is still bendable. Use a rooting gel/powder if you have it. Use superthrive if you have it.

    I would think taking smaller cuttings for clones would be easier to root. It would also increase your chances of 1 rooting if several fail.

  11. Well i already have 10 more seedlings(about 2 weeks old) from another sack of some good. So if you guys say I should only have one in the bucket I guess I'll just cut the one vegging above the hard part of the mainstalk and stick it in the ground just for fun. And then start using bloom nutes on my flowering one.

    So do you think the one blooming is an autoflower? If so, why is the other one (which is from the same sack) not?
  12. don't kill it, clone it.

    3x3 hole is good option,just train plants in opposite directions

    check out( air layering) cloning this allows u to grow roots before u cut =100% success

    this will usually not work.see videos on air layering,google it.
  13. I think I'm just gonna go ahead and chop the vegging one and start using my probloom. I don't think I'm gonna make any clones bc my seedlings are looking pretty good and I don't really want a lot of plants to take care of.

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