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  1. Hello everyone, we need your help, the wisdom of the veterans!

    We’re small-time growers, growing indoors for personal use only and been doing so for 1.5 years. Our place is usually humid and we live on the 3rd floor. We have a room including two tents, a flowering tent and a vegetative tent. We have a dehumidifier in the room and keep it at 50-60% all the time. The temperature also fluctuates between 20-26 degrees Celsius. The airflow is provided by 6 strategically positioned fans including an extractor and a standing fan in the flowering tent. We also have small dehumidifiers inside the flowering tent.
    All has been going great with the exceptions of some minor issues which we were able to fix. However, over the last three cycles, our babies are constantly dying when we are shifting them to the flowering stage within 2-3 weeks.

    We had an aphid/thrips problem first which progressively got worse and wiped the first cycle. So we cleaned it up completely, destroyed everything related to that grow, sterilized everywhere and sprayed insecticide inside (while it was empty). Our second cycle died in a ‘unknown’ way, all the leaves started yellowing, dried up and died but the branches were still strong and green/purplish. Thinking it was the aphids again, we did the room clean-up again from scratch.

    Our third cycle is ongoing now since 2-3 weeks now and we have three plants and all three are starting to wilt again. The leaves are drying (like it cracks when you press it) and becoming yellow. In some cases, it’s curling, we reckon it’s a different issue. We have attached some pictures for clarification.

    We store our soil in big packs within the room itself, it is sealed but there is few aeration holes. We spray Naeem online 4 times a month and insecticides once a month.

    We think it might be fungus gnats or a nutrient issue. Kindly advise.

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  2. question #1 why such small pots the problem is besides being rootbound you ph is most likely way off I would consider trying to repot them in better soil and bigger pots and watch the ph and ppms sorry to say in my opinion better start thinking ahead to your next try and doing something different if this is the 3rd time it happened
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  4. Think big go organic no more small pots and weak lights and you can be successful learn watering techniques and underfeed instead of overfeed just my 2 cents when I was at your stage 1.5 years in I had the exact same problem week 3 of flower they died 3 grows in a row then I studied up and changed everything so far so good and good luck to you
  5. What is your watering schedule ?
    Are you adding in nutrients ?
    Some leaf's look burned light to close , looked like half the plant is burnt other half not ?
    Cannabis Symptom Checker - Identify Cannabis Leaf Problems (

    Addressing insects Only two choices Kill them or drive them away, either way its war.
    Difference Between Insecticides and Pesticides | Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms

    As a indoor in my house grower with a pet I mix up several different sprays to combat insects.
    You need to study what you use and how to use the product you buy.
    In areas where my pet cant get to i will use a spray that will be effective for 2 to 3 months .
    I use Pyrethrin : PYRETHRIN Bonide GARDEN INSECT SPRAY Concentrate 16 oz : Orchid Plants : Patio, Lawn & Garden
    How to Make and Use Pyrethrin Insecticide (
    Pyrethrin - Wikipedia
    Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are increasingly being used as insecticides, this stuff works .........
    for areas where My pet and I am around I will use a spray that is only effective until it dries and leaves no residue.
    Last is stuff that insects don't like neem oil or mint soap.
    Last is I have no issues using diatomaceous earth/
  6. First impression is Potassium deficient and overwatered, but I don't grow in soil so could be way off.
  7. I'll go with Soil issues for $500.00 Alex.
    Aerobic soils have particle arrangement which allows for free movement of air within its pores (open spaces between soil particles). On the contrary, anaerobic soils have restricted flow of air within its soil pores, owing to a high moisture or water table level.Nov 4, 2016

    From what I could see the soil looks dense and compacted and wet with no perlite or other lightening amendment. Did you sniff / smell the roots of the dead plants? Anaerobic soil will stink. Sometimes like rotten eggs with a strong sulfur or moldy stink.

    Your second possibility is root aphids. The fix for both is start with fresh soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest. There is also a chance you've reached toxic levels in the soil if you've repeatedly sprayed Neem Oil or top dressed with it in all your efforts to eradicate things.

    Fungal Gnats you'd see the adults flying around and while annoying they are easy to control with just Mosquito Dunks or Bits.

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  9. If you think it's definitely not pests in your soil then I'm thinking the same as others have said already, PH is off and soil looks compacted. Is that perlite that I see on top of the soil? I would add more next time. In soil I normally use a ratio of 70% soil to 30% perlite

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