Plants dying, please help (first grow)

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    Hi all, plants are auto flowering almost three weeks old, get 18 hours light with 125w cfl, growing space walls covered in mylar. Temperature kept between 21c and 25c. Grown in coco mix with perlite, watered with ph 6 water. They're dying! What can I do to save them?

    Edit: I stupidly forgot to allow the water to drain off the plants so I think maybe they reabsorbed the run off and now the ph is too low/salt levels too high.

    Should I flush them to try combat this? I tried last night but they're not improving. Maybe I didn't flush them enough?

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  2. They are drowning. Too wet not enough light.  get them into a bright and warm environment. Outside if its warm and sunny.
  3. I flushed them last night or at least tried to. They are normally only watered every 3 days or so. Outside isn't possible. The growing area is plenty bright and warm.
  4. OK they just looked over watered and flushing realy makes them soggy and limp.
  5. Thanks for the advice nonetheless! They were doing absolutely perfect until about a week ago, just can't figure out what happened or how to fix them!
  6. Why did you flush in the first place?
  7. Because I stupidly realized that I wasn't letting the run off water drain anywhere, the plants were just reabsorbing it so I assume pH is completely messed up and the salts in the coco/perlite has overloaded the plants. Flushed with new drainage system to try get rid of the build up.
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    I don't know anything, but coco and perlite don't have any nutes do they?  Why would there be salt buildup unless it was from the water itself?  Unless it's MG perlite.
  9. Sorry WDIK, maybe I've got my info mixed up. Anyway, could the problem be that the run-off wasn't draining? Any ideas if I can do anything to save my plants?
    I know a big no-no is giving nutes too soon, but I'm not sure at 3 weeks with straight coco and perlite.  Have you fed them at all?
  11. No, had not given nutes yet. Was going to do so when they reached three weeks

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