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  1. Guys I need your help, it seems like everything I try doesn't help, so I don't know what to do now so I am asking for your help. The plants are about 5 weeks old. The reason they are so small is because I left them in the rockwool cubes too long before transplanting into the pots 11 days ago. This obviousally stunted their growth, but new roots have formed I believe. I'm using Flora Nova Grow and H202 35% (1/4 cup per 80qts). The PPM was 1050 yesterday and thought it might have been nute burn so I bumped it down to 850ppm and today the yellowing burnt tips looks worse. The PH is about 5.5-6.0. They get watered about every 5 hours. Is this a defficancy? Do I need more nutes for their age? I don't know what to do. All your help is greatly needed and much appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. try to bump the ppm down even a little bit lower, and dont add so much h202 or none at all. give it a few days to see how they turn out. Thats what i would do. good luck
  4. you need to remember that things get a little worse befor they get better, you may have dropped the ppm down but the high level of nutes from the day before is still in the plants system.
  5. Also remember - if you did burn the plant, it will slowly show you those results, even though you corrected the situation...just means the plant wont get MORE dosed.

    Good thing is you're using hydro - dont ya love how you can flip shit around on a dime? With soil, there'd be flushing and all kinds of mess to deal with.

    Ya know...ya might wanna just dose em with straight water for a couple days... then resume nutes. From personal experience I've found Floranova (bloom) to be SERIOUSLY strong. Taking my EC anywhere above 1.5 would fry my ladies, even in mid/late bloom.

    Right now I have a few plants about the same size as yours... they're on an EC of 600 and holding yours may still be a tad too high.

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