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  1. wzup everyone imma a newbie with a babies are drooping[​IMG]!! i think i may have overwatered and ive searched for a solution and all i can find are threads asking if they overwatered and people answereing and just saying yes but not with a solution as to fixin the problem. i have 4 plants that were in 1 gallon containers with fox farms soil. i watered then last sunday then found out i had to leave for a few days tuesday.. so tuesday night i watered each plant with about a liter of water a piece. a half liter of straight water then 30 mins later a half liter of 1/4 strength grow big.i left and returned friday night to find my leaves drooping. i immediately looked for ways to fix it and didnt find a solution. the next day i tranferred the plants to 3 gallon pots because i saw roots coming out of one of the container holes. i just wanna know if i did overwater what do i do from here on.. i just want my healthy looking plants back.. any help a b greatly appreciated also i got a pic here... also these plants are in their 3rd week of veg[​IMG]
  2. let the pots dry. they should perk up eventually.
  3. also when i transplanted them i didn't water the new soil to help dry the plants out is that okay?
  4. That's fine.
  5. hey guys i woke up today and my plants are looking worse they are yellowing at the bottom leaves and 1 of them is crispy and broke when i touched it. the only one that looks okay is the 1 that i didnt transplant to the 3 gallon bucket. its been a week tomorrow that i havent watered them and im thinkin they are dying.they look alot worse then yesterday. the last pic is the on in a small pot still...anyone got any clue[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. just a little shock. dont worry they will be fine.
  7. If you stick your finger about an inch or two into the soil, do you still feel moisture? If not, I'd go ahead and water your girls.

    As for the yellowing, do you check the pH of the water you are giving them? If you are using tap water, I would fill your water containers a few days ahead of when you are supposed to feed them, so the other chemicals, such as chlorine, have a chance to evaporate. It doesn't really look like nute burn imo, but I could be wrong. It looks like some sort of deficiency due to pH lockout. You can get a cheap pH test kit for around $10 at your local pet store. (PetSmart)

    Anyways, best of luck to you. I'm sure your girls will recover. I had a lot of trouble with my plants at the stage you are in also, and mine are looking great now.

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