Plants drooping again

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  1. my Trainwrecks are drooping again. I thought it would be because of a too high acidity, but after a test, the value was about right. I flushed the plants and they seemed to recover. Now, 2 days later, they are drooping again! (and the leaves are starting to curl) See for your self.
    I assume that its either the heat (30 C`) or the too little pots which they are growing in, Both are very hard to change for me, because Im already using the maximum size of pots fitting into my grow room. On the other hand the temperature is a problem which I wouldn't know how to solve. I damn the day when I decided to build the walls of styrophor.

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  2. Pots look a little small. What is your wattage? What kind of dirt and nutes? Get rid of the mirrors. Plain white, flat paint reflects 92% or better. A mirror only reflects about 40%. Counter-intuitive, but its true.
    If plants perked up after you did something, do it again. Find the problem not the symptom.
  3. get a fan to move air and cool room a bit. 30c is like 80-85f or something idk im too high to do the math, if so its at least 10 degrees to hot

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