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  1. I dont know if I should give up or keep putting time and money in these. This is my 4th grow from same mother. Im running 4 clones under a 250 HPS in a NFT hydro system intended to SCROG. My temps are staying around 75f all the time with inline fan exhausting through CF and a 4 inch fresh air intake room is under a slight negative pressure. light is about 18 inches above the tallest plant. I finally got a set of meters and tested PH and PPM Ph is 5.9 and PPM is 221 I know i am under feeding but i have had high PH problems for a week and finally got the PH down from from the hydro store and its leveled out but i was worried about over feeding and them already stressed. The plants are drooping/wilting and the leaves are turning yellow then brown mostly from the tips in. If you need a photo I can get one up. The last 3 grows have went flawless but I think the water company changed something this month that has really screwed me up. Im open to advice this is my last effort otherwise Im gonna cut my losses and break everything down to start over.
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    Have you ever tried soil?
    I mean it sounds like you have your shit dialed all the way up to the feeding I believe this is why I would suggest a simple soil grow. If you go organic it can be as simple as watering when they are thirsty.
  3. I have thought about it, all I have ever done is hydro I stopped for several years and now started back up and havent had any problems till now and Im stumped for the life of me i dont understand what has went wrong even my mother plant has the same issues now its got to be something Ive done wrong i just cant put my finger on it.
  4. What is the temperature of your water? If it's over 70 this could definitely be a contributor.

    You obviously need to get on a reliable nutrient schedule. Sounds like a possible phosphorus deficiency... but it's hard to be certain. NFT has always sounded much more difficult to me than it should be.

    I don't know what your level of experience is but the Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur lineup is really well dialed for what you're doing. Just follow the instructions on their two part and you should get at least the nutrient base dialed in. I might also suggest something to assist root growth, like Hygrozyme for example.

    Getting the pH and the EC of your system worked out is important, but so is the temperature of the water (which is going to rise as it is circulated). I recommend ensuring your temperatures stay under 68 degrees and the lower the better. Freeze a 2L bottle and drop it in the reservoir if you have to. It is important for the right amount of dissolved oxygen in the solution, and everything starts with the roots.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks SCMC ill check it tonight but i havent had a problem with that in the past but the weather is warming up so its definatly a possibility.
  6. well crap the res is 76f guess ill try the 2 litre in the freezer man soil is looking better and better.
  7. might want to do two 2 liters... with another 2 in rotation.
  8. I set up a fan blowing on it last night hope that helped some got 2 in the freezer now may try and make a cooler today

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