plants budding, now what to use?

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  1. k so i hadnt checked my plants for about a week and a few days as it was off and on rain and sunshine and they were getting plenty of rain water

    before when i went just under 2 weeks ago there were only small sprouts on the stems etc, no real buds or anything, then today when i went they looked like this:




    the only thing these plants have ever had was good clean tap water and one dose of nutes which was just over a month ago from now

    is there anything i should be using on them now? some kind of budding fert or somthing?

    they've always stayed Organic and I want it to stay that way, no chemical ferts plz
  2. Not sure about organic, but you need something thats high in Potassium and Phosphorus. I would suggest Advance Nutrients, or Tiger/Big Bloom Fox Farms but I don't think they are organic.

    Edit: They don't seem to be encrusted in very much THC for their i would get on blooming nutes quick if you want a quality product.
  3. would leaving them with just water be a bad idea?

    i want to stay staight ogranic if possible, would that drastically reduce my yield?

    would it be 100% beneficial to add some kind of budding nutes at this point, or if im staying organic, would the overall product be better if i stayed with just straight water?
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    This is what I'm using, following thier chart of 2tsp per gallon of Tiger and 1tsp per gallon of Big Bloom every other watering.

    I too wanted to stay organic in the beginning but if you want a bigger yield, the Fox Farms Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom will help. I had quite a few friends recommend it and I finally broke down and bought it.
  5. If you want to stay as organic as possible......side dress with Bat Guano and/or make a tea and water in. (Use high phosphorus Bat Guano, not the high nitrogen). You can use molasses a couple of times also........molasses helps the mychorrizhae in the soil to make phosphorus more available.

    Molasses feeds the microbes in the soil, which in turn feeds the plant.
  6. NICE id just come back in a month and get the Floweerrr
  7. Yes please do use the Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom, but IMO my plants are only 2ft tall but they can take 2 tsp of TB per gallon and 1 tbl of BB per gallon every or every other watering.

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