Plants bending from fan!

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  1. Hey guys looking for some help or advice here. Ive got two autoflower seedlings going right now. Everything has been good until last night. I have a small fan in my tent that is set up high. Last night my fan slid down the tent pole and was blowing directly onto the plant and blew it over and it was laying sideways. I straightened it back up but the leaves are still bent over. Anything I can do or do I just wait and hope it straightens out?
  2. I think it will be fine, just give it a bit to recover.

    The plant does look like it has been stretching towards the light though. This leads to a long, thin stem which may make the plant more susceptible to this kind of thing.

    What kind of lights are you using and how close is it to your plants?

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  3. oh she'll be just fine.....I DO recommend you throwing some more soil into you pot and cover her stem at least halfway's kinda stretched.....and making her "shorter" again by burying her stem will make her a bit sturdier.....that's just my take on your situation.
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  4. Thank you guys for the replies! I will put some more soil in the pots. I am using a 250w HPS thats about 2 feet away. Should I adjust the height of my lights or the wattage? Its dimmable up to 600w.
  5. I have never grown with HPS so I dont know what the recommended height is for it....but just from looking at your plant....I'd say either needs to be closer.....or turned up
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  6. I use 250w hps and 600w hps. You can go as close as 8 inches with the 250 if you move enough air around the bulb. But at seedling stages till the show first set of true leaf really you are fine !!
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  7. If you think the stalks are week use some silica - and always support your plant somehow - even a stick and some string will do better than nothing at all - I made a small scrog using 1/2" PVC and some cheap string I thnk I spent a total of 80 dollars making 4 of them for my entire grow area
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