Plants being eaten alive...

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Sorry, if this should be in the sick plants forum, but here goes;

    I have 2 plants that I put outdoors less than a week ago, went back to check and they are being eaten alive! :(

    The only good news is that the plants have taken root fairly well, I think, but I found that there were lots of flies and some slugs hanging around the vicinity. What should I do? SHould I have used pesticides? I saw a bottle of spray at home depot and it was like 10 bucks, is this normal to use?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. There are a lot of folks who will scorn chemical insecticides, but I'm a firm believer in better living through chemistry.

    Not sure what that pesticide spray you found at HomeDepot is, but (IMO) anything that is labeled as Garden Safe would be fine on your plants. I'd probably NOT use it within a week or two of harvest, but any other time should be fine.

    DO NOT use heavy metal poisons or insecticides that form toxic compounds when they break down like Malathion.

    I personally use Rotenone/Pyrethrin Spray on my garden, and will break out the Dursban if needed to control bugs.

    Kill, Kill, Kill 'em all.

  3. cool. i would +rep you again, but alas i must spread some around first

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