Plants are wilting and I don't know what to do

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rosterx, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. I am awfully bad at growing. This is my first plant and it's only been a few days since i got it yet its dying.

    I dont have a ph checker. I'ts currently in a closet with 3 sliding doors, 2 of them open enough for air flow as well as an open window in the room.

    I'm using Miracle-gro moisture control potting mix.

    I'm using a 75w CFL that's about 5 inches from the plant.

    the pot is on the floor on carpet.

    If you need any more info please ask
  2. Show some pics
  3. Pics, but I suspect its the Miracle Grow. That stuff can be deadly to plants though I have seen some people pull off successful grows with it.
  4. Best bet is that you are over watering. Over watering is watering too often, not with too much. Once the soil is wet it is wet. It doesn't get "more wet" by adding extra water. The extra simply drains out. This runoff can help remove harmful buildup in the soil and is generally a recommended practice. You would be wise to purchase a small dish/saucer to catch this runoff or you are going to ruin your carpet.

    I suggest watering by weight. When the container is full of water it is very heavy, water is like 8lbs per gallon after all. But when the media is nearly dry, and ready to be watered again, it will be extremely light. By lifting the containers regularly you can get a feel for how much water is being used and you can water only when required. This provides more oxygen to the root zone.

    It may also be that your light is too far away. 75w cfl bulbs are not common. I am guessing you have a 75w equivalent bulb, more like 18 to 20 actual watts. If this is the case then the cfl bulb should be kept an inch from the top of the plant. If it is in fact 75w then use the back of your hand to determine where the bubble of heat from the bulb ends. Place your plant just outside of the hot zone being produced by the bulb. You definitely have the bulb too far either way.

    The soil you picked is among the worst for growing cannabis with. In the future I recommend an organic potting soil, or a potting soil designed for flowers (like roses) rather than vegetables.

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