Plants are too bushy

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  1. Hi there,
    Last year using plants of the same variety that I'm growing now, I ended up with extremely bushy plants. They were enormous and the buds were pretty small. The plants themselves were shapeless and the trimming process was far more arduous than it should have been.

    I'm growing in a polly tunnel so they veg fast and I'm afraid of getting too many buds again.
    This time round I topped the plants early but I'm worried I'll end up with a similar result to last year. Should I be cutting away new growth at certain points to control the number of buds?

    Any information or even links to relevant blogs would really appreciated :)
  2. I top multiple times. I dont top side branches etc, just my main branches and 2nd set....[​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Maybe you have a sativa. Ill show you the difference. 1st is black DOG. Hybrid.
    2nd pic is black jack sativa....
    Same age all from clone...

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