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  1. hello and first off i want to apologize for any possible infraction of forum rules in my last post, i was unaware and just made this account, never fear it will not happen again. I am tired of paying for weed so i made the decision to try to grow. we usually never find bad seeds, but i did managed to find 6 in one bag once. i germinated them and all of them sprouted so i planted them in cups and began to grow them under a CFL. im trying to be discreet about this grow in case people come over who might be shocked to find me growing. the seedlings have 4 small leaves , hover they are all about 4 inches tall.  they are EXTREMELY flmsy and cannot even support their own weight. from research i think this was a lighting issue so i moved them under a CFL/UV sun emulator reptile bulb and made wire supports to hold them up. is there any hope or is it too late for these seedlings? alos any other advice is greatly appreciated, this is a test run before i order seeds from a bank,

  2. If you have any room in the cups, add more medium, and get the lights close enough not to burn but will not allow for additional stretch. Transplant when they're a bit stronger

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