plants are leaning, does this mean there dead....

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  1. My plants are leaning. It rained very heavy, so i put some plastic cups over them with holes punched in to stop the harsh rain from hitting. Well, today i took them off and some were on the lean, like falling over. They still are a nice green and look healthy, they just arent standing up straight. I wander why....maybe there wasnt enough air circulation through the cup? They are about two weeks old, maybe two inches or so. I dont know. But, if they are leaning does that mean that they are pretty much dead, or will die soon enough? Have u guys ever had a plant that leaned and came back on its own, or do most of your guys outside plants lean? I tried to pry it up on a stick, like a stake sort of, but i dont know. Should i stake them with twisty ties? what would u guys do, they are in containers.
  2. Just got a bit battered by the storm. They will likely bounce back.
  3. They lean towards the sun to get more of it. You're fine as long as their still green. Leave them alone!! Take everything you put on them off. The sticks and the cups. An mj plant has gone through a couple of storms before. She'll be fine.
  4. An English lesson.

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  5. yes, plants can "lean" and still bounce back. this often happens in outdoor conditions when the plant is small. In the future, in order to strenthen your plans stem, make sure air is constantly circulating around the plant, you want to visibly see the plant shake and sway from the wind. This produces vital glucose/sugars in the stem that ultimatley strengthen it. Putting that cup over it probably did cut off the air flow quite a bit. If the air becomes stagnant in that cup, this is bad. Air has to be constantly circulating for the plant to perform optimally. Another thing, if you were using a see-through plastic cup, this could have magnified the sun and raised the temperature inside the cup to less than desireable levels.

  6. Man o Man, talk about taking things literal - could you decipher the "code" words?? Did u understand the meaning of the sentence?? As many have resorted to this beautiful plant as a "livliehood" (uhoh - did I spell it right?) , having a grade 10 education is not a prerequisit (again, going to correct me?) I suggest getting off that horse of yours, and joining the rest of us in decency and respect of others (there is plenty of room, and you are always welcome) If he/she wants to get "hooked on phonics" thats there business.
  7. A couple of mine have been leaning for about a week but still look fine so i wouldnt worry.
  8. Sorry, there is never any excuse for not using the best English you can. No way. Despite your sarcasm. And no, you didn´t spell it right.
  9. thanks alot guys, i posted this like an hour ago and got 7 replies already, i really appreciate it and i am glad to hear that they should bounce back. Again, thanks for the input
  10. Mine got beaten down a bit by a night of heavy rain. They soon came back with the sun´s return.
  11. This is "Marijuana College" not Grammar School. Live and let Live would apply I do believe. I dont want this to get out of hand.
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    And there is nothing grammatically incorrect with a double negative.
  13. First of all, I will appologize to the originall poster as this is way off topic now. I dont consider miss-spelling a word a top of mind concern, especially when we all know what was implied. I guess it takes me back to the days when I was a kid and my mother would correct me as you are others. Sure, you are an articualte individual who takes pride in his/her representation of himself/herself. This is great, and Im happy for you! But you must be willing to admit atleast that this is all now uncalled for. Someone asked us for advice, instead, WE have turned this into an argument over speech and grammer? ridiculous. I am feeling even more like the child that longed to be excused from my mothers constant criticism as I type this. Do want me to say "you are right"?? cause you are, you know the differences between their, they're, and their. But instead of moving on (which I admit I should have done to begin with) you had to point out the error of their ways. And yes, your sentence is..... does this sound right "I dont think Im not going to the store"?? Lets both grow up, puff a joint, relax,and move on
  14. Well i didnt know this was a thread dedicated to arguing about grammer. Why dont u guys just forget about it and go get high or something.
  15. Let us not argue further about the niceties of grammar. But I will still use the beat English I can and encourage others to do the same, in all circumstances.

    But this is a MJ growing forum, and as an outside grower of some considerable experience, I feel I have more to offer to growers here in tat respect. And with regards to you KemHaze, who is obviously an articulate contributor yourself.
  16. i've just had a bucket, and this has been hard reading.
  17. Chill now, man!!!
  18. Mr. Spanishfly, I have had my share of successful yeilds as well, and I would say I feel you on your techniques. I am obviously from another region with techniques that represent my location. This forum is an excelant tool for men such as ourselfs to share info. Nice meeting you.

    Dude your plants will redirect to the sun in a day or two.

  19. i speak amerikan, sp pleas dont coreect me

    edit-n if u didnt notice, im just kiddin around lol. It was kinda cool seein someone get uptight about grammer for once on this site, but i wouldnt reccomend it lol
  20. No such language as ´amerikan¨

    I would direct you to Webster´s dictionary of American English

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